Beekeeping Sim APICO To Release On Nintendo Switch With PC Cross-Play

Bzzzzz. You hear that? Bzzzzz. That’s the sound of bees buzzing with excitement, because APICO is coming to Nintendo Switch. Just in case you missed it, beekeeping sim APICO released on May 20th for PC and is an absolute delight. You play as a beekeeper and learn the ins-and-outs of maintaining a healthy beehive, all the while learning about just how important bees are. It rocks, rolls, and rules. The art style is a super sweet mix of simple and detailed pixel art, and the soundtrack is smooth on the ears… like honey! Now developer TNgineers and publisher Whitethorn Games (Wytchwood, Calico, Princess Farmer) have decided to bless us further in more than one way. The team have announced that APICO will be coming to Nintendo Switch on July 7th, 2022! Check out their Nintendo Switch trailer below. In a press release, Whitethorn Games also notes that the launch of APICO for Nintendo Switch will also come with cross-platform play, stating:

Soon, budding beekeepers can explore Port APICO on the go, and with the addition of cross-platform play, aspiring apiarists can bring their Nintendo Virtual Bees to their friends’ farms on PC and other consoles with ease!

This means that those playing APICO on Nintendo Switch and PC will be able to play together in the game’s 4-player online co-op, something that’s pretty rarely seen in indie games. You love to see it. You may have noted that above, I said ‘in more than one way’ in reference to TNgineers and Whitethorn Games blessing us. That’s because they’ve also teamed up with plush toy makers Makeship to bring to life Beeatrice, a plush bee designers by TNgineers. Please look at her.

beeatrice apico switch
Look at her!! LOOK!! (Image: Makeship / TNgineers)

Here’s what the press release has to say about Beeatrice:

Beeatrice is made with an Ultra Soft Fleece exterior and stuffed with a fluffy Polypropylene cotton filling to ensure it keeps its shape for years to come. Each plush is numbered and tagged, making your limited edition plush even more special. Beeatrice is shipped with environmentally friendly materials, and will arrive in a reusable drawstring bag.

You can pre-order Beeatrice here. I personally have been absolutely loving APICO for many reasons and have learned a lot about bees and beekeeping. It’s a very nice and chill beekeeping management sim that lets me bee the keeper I could only dream about. You also have to commend the window management in this game, which makes going from window to window easy and manageable. APICO releases for Nintendo Switch on July 8th 2022, and is available now for Windows, Mac, and SteamOS + Linux on, and Steam.

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