Someone Called ‘Let Her Solo Me’ Is Tricking Elden Ring Players Into Thinking The Great One Has Arrived

Let Me Solo Her and Let Her Solo Me. The light and the dark sides of the Force. The duality of man.

As many Elden Ring fans will be aware by now, a player who goes by Let Me Solo Her has become a bonafide folk hero within the game’s community. This player, a naked man with a large pot on his head, may be summoned by players preparing to face Malenia. This boss has been a roadblock for many, but Let Me Solo Her has her number. Gesturing for the player to stay back, Let Me Solo Her will nimbly tear the boss apart on their own before disappearing to find another soul to help.

But there cannot be light without the dark. Another folk hero has arrived, a player named Let Her Solo Me.

Impostor syndrome

Let Her Solo Me is not Elden Ring‘s player of legend. They are not Let Me Solo Her. They are, instead, a betrayer god, sent to leave the player appalled (or perhaps produce a laugh of disbelief).

This player follows all of Let Me Solo Her’s mannerisms. They dress identically. They only show up for the Malenia fight, and they always gesture for the player to stay back. But instead of taking her down, they stride confidently into the Malenia fight, toss an item at her to draw aggro, and then allow the boss to utterly mop them up. Players who do not catch the subtle difference in display name may be mortified to watch the game’s own Robin Hood die instantly at the hands of the boss they have supposedly mastered. Those who do notice the change will know they are still very much on their own in the fight.

The joke account was spotted by Reddit user hegelypuff, who watched them die by Malenia’s hand. “Which one of you is this lol,” they wrote.

The Elden Ring community continues to surprise and delight.

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