Someone Had A Wheely Good Time Making This Elden Ring Mod For Trials Rising

The creativity of the Elden Ring community is absolutely unmatched. They’ve turned Elden Ring into a level in Trials Rising.


I mean, truly, what the hell. How does an idea like this even cross your mind? And why does it work so well? How are Elden Ring‘s assets so malleable that they can be applied to another game in this way?

Every part of it is perfect. The look of the world, the Tarnished hanging onto the bike for dear life, the way they are abruptly and unfairly killed at the end. Absolute genius.

The level was created by noted Trials Rising modder kailiman666. You can find the mod by navigating to the Track Central content hub in-game. The mod is listed under “xKx-ELDEN RACE”.

Trials Rising is a physics-based motorcycle puzzle game developed by RedLynx and Ubisoft Ukraine. The series has attracted a devoted fan base due to its overall difficulty and the creativity of its modding scene. Trials as a series bears a few similarities to Elden Ring. For instance, there’s a sense of gradual mastery, of learning more with each successive run and each successive failure. Patience and tenacity are the keys to understanding both games. Letting frustration in will get you nowhere.

So if you have a copy of Trials Rising lying around, give the Elden Ring level a go.

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