Elden Ring Player Creates Hilarious Autopilot Build, Stunts On Grave Warden Boss

For players bashing their heads against the wall of an especially brutal boss, an Elden Ring autopilot build is a beautiful dream.

In tackling the Putrid Grave Warden Duellist boss, Reddit user D-ISM has made that dream a reality — they simply had Elden Ring play itself.

D-ISM has created what they call an autopilot build. Their character, dressed in nothing more than undies and a pot helm, rolls up to the mist gate ahead of the battle and pops a litany of buffs and consumables before heading in.

When the battle commences, safely ensconced in their protective buffs, D-ISM performs two final tricks. First, they summon Redmane Knight Ogha. With Ogha’s arrows dealing hard knockdowns, D-ISM performs the Golden Order Totality emote and waits.

They open Minesweeper while they wait. They play a few rounds. Even set a solid time on beginner difficulty.

When Minesweeper loses its appeal, they dive into a bit of Solitaire. D-ISM, how are the monsters doing?

Actually, you know what, fire up the 3D Pinball For Windows. We’ve got time.

By the time D-ISM’s pinball game winds down, the Grave Warden is in the dust and their free ashes are safely in hand.

Of all the wild player creativity we’ve seen over the last few days, an Elden Ring autopilot build has to take the cake. Autopilot builds are the bread and butter of ARPG enthusiasts everywhere. Diablo 2 fans love a good play-the-game-for-me Necromancer build. This builds on the concept in a fun and very cheeky way.

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