Critical Role Is Running An Elden Ring D&D One-Shot Next Week

Popular streaming web series Critical Role will air an Elden Ring themed D&D one-shot next week.

Since beginning its third major campaign in January, Critical Role takes the last week of every month off from the show. This is, functionally, designed to give its cast a bit of breathing room and help avoid creative burnout. But that does leave a gap in its schedule. Into that gap steps interstitial programming like next week’s Elden Ring D&D episode.

Though the stream is sponsored by Bandai Namco, the Elden Ring one-shot will presumably use the D&D 5e ruleset the show prefers rather than the officially licensed Dark Souls RPG. The game will be run by CR game master Matthew Mercer. Players will include regular cast members Marisha Ray and Sam Riegel, with Into the Motherlands‘ Krystina Arielle, Dimension 20‘s Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. by Night‘s Alexander Ward.

See below for when the Elden Ring game will air Wednesday, March 2, on the Critical Role Twitch channel. See below for times in your state:



2 pm AEDT


1 pm AEST


1:30 pm ACDT


12:30 pm ACST


11:00 am AWST

Critical Role just closed out the first season of its Amazon Prime Video animated series The Legend of Vox Machina. If you’ve found yourself attached to the dorks that make up Vox Machina and you’re hungry for more, make sure you check out our list of cool RPG content to devour while you wait for Season Two.


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