The Best Ways To Customise Your Nintendo Switch, From Plates To Thumb Grips

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We’re not sure about you, but we’re often frustrated by the lack of official customisation options available for the Nintendo Switch. While there are an array of franchise-themed protective cases or accessories you can choose between to add some personalisation to your Switch, these aren’t for everyone.

While Nintendo did release the OLED model back in late 2020, we were disappointed to discover the only other colour option they added was a boring light grey. Other than a pair of neon-coloured Joy-Cons, the closest we’ve had to a more unique console was the limited edition Animal Crossing Switch, with its pastel blue and green Joy-Cons. Now those were a treat — if you didn’t already own a Switch.

However, just because Nintendo only has a few options available, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing. From sticker decals to thumb grips, there’s a wide range of accessories to customise your Nintendo Switch, which you can check out below.

Nintendo Switch back plates

Glossy chameleon Switch back plates
Image: eXtremeRate

Perhaps the most complicated way to makeover your Switch is by completely disassembling it and attaching new back plates. This does tend to be a gruelling job if you don’t know what you’re doing and may require some modification experience. However, many people turn to YouTube tutorials to get the job done. You’ll just need to be extra careful so you don’t damage your Switch, as your Nintendo warranty won’t extend to your personalisation efforts.

To better your chances of a successful back plate installation, make sure you grab a proper toolkit. Otherwise, you can take it to a console modification expert to get the job done.

You can check out eXtremeRate to explore a wide selection of custom designed back plates for your Switch. You can give your console a new shell like the chameleon hue above or an old-school classic SNES style.

Check them out here, pricing starts from $49.99.

Sticker decals for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch decals and stickers
Image: Tackydesign

If modding your console seems a little daunting, we don’t blame you. A much-easier way to customise your Nintendo Switch is by grabbing a bunch of stickers you can apply directly onto it. Decals are usually a much cheaper option and less likely to permanently damage the inside of your Switch if you were to go down the modding route.

Adding decals to your Nintendo Switch is usually a straightforward process that requires little direction. Even those without a steady hand should have no problem with the application process.

There are so many options no matter your aesthetic. If you’d like a pastel-themed night sky on your Nintendo Switch as pictured above, you can check those stickers out here. Or if you love a galaxy design, you can check out some of these Nintendo Switch stickers by Taifond here.

Slip-on or snap on case

Snap on soft shell case
Image: BelugaDesign

If you’re in search of a Switch decoration that is less permanent, you can always go for a slip on or snap on case. Not only do they serve as an extra layer of protection, but you’re way less likely to damage your console because you can’t mess up its application. It’s also a great choice if you want more variety in your Switch’s appearance. While you might enjoy a pink Sakura-themed cover for a few months, over time you might decide to jazz it up with a Pokemon-themed one.

GeekShare offer a fun range of anime-like and pastel Switch covers that scream cute (if that’s what you’re into). You can check out their selection here, starting from $22.99. BelugaDesign also offer similar vibey covers, with a range dedicated to the Switch Lite, like this space-themed one pictured above. You can explore all of BelugaDesign’s options here.

Thumb grips for Joy-Con controllers

Thumb grips
Image: BelugaDesign

If there’s a surefire way to make your mark on a Nintendo Switch, or even any console, it’s by decorating your analogue sticks with an adorable thumb grip. An added bonus is that they’re usually quite cheap and sit under the $15 mark.

Aside from making your Switch look all the more enticing, thumb grips serve as added protection for your analogue sticks and can increase its height for a more comfortable grip. Since it’s usually made of a rubber-like material, thumb grips are easy to install by simply stretching them over each stick.

You can get these adorable bubble tea and dumpling characters for just $14.99 here. However, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can always go for these pink sakura-themed cover for $8.99. There’s also a black and white ghost pair by GeekShare for $10.99.

Dock shell

Nintendo Switch dock shell is a medium-effort way to accessorise your Switch
Image: eXtremeRate

Don’t limit the personalisation to your Nintendo Switch console itself, you can even grab some custom face plates for your Nintendo Switch’s dock and create a matching set.

This dock shell by eXtremeRate is a fun way to add some personality to your gaming setup. Although, you will need a lot of patience to install this face plate as it’s a replacement cover. You can always watch a Youtube Video on how to complete its installation but keep in mind it requires a solid amount of effort, time and the right tools.

Shop a wide range of colours and patterns here from $21.99.

Nintendo Switch pro controller
Image: eXtremeRate

The Pro Controller is one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers you can find, but what we can’t help but fault it for is the complete lack of design options.

If you’re feeling confident, you can pick up a customised hard shell and mod your Pro Controller with any pattern of your choosing. You can give it a nostalgic transparent shell, reminiscent of your old Nintendo 64 controller or grab one depicting The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

Get one here from $26.99.

Still not satisfied? Here’s some more accessories you can snag to upgrade your Nintendo Switch.


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