Who is Cad Bane, The Book of Boba Fett’s Mysterious Bounty Hunter?

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The Book of Boba Fett has been flush with cameos since it began. Similar to The Mandalorian, the live-action Star Wars series is working hard to bring the movie trilogies and the animated series together into one coherent narrative. This continued in Episode 6 of Boba Fett, which introduced Cad Bane, one iconic Star Wars character with whom many may be unfamiliar.

Spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett are ahead.

Who is Cad Bane?

star wars cad bane
Image: Lucasfilm

The latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett introduced us to a live-action version of Cad Bane (played by Dorian Kingi). Bane has been a prominent presence in the Star Wars universe, particularly in the animated series and comics.

Bane is a bounty hunter from Duro and is part of the Duros race – hence his iconic look. He has worked with everyone from Darth Maul to Jabba the Hutt and was even mentored for a while by the legendary Jango Fett.

Following Jango’s death, Bane earned a solid reputation as one of the best bounty hunters, particularly during the Clone Wars.

Some of Bane’s notable history includes a heist he conducted on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Bane was hired by Darth Sidious to steal a holocron from the temple and came into conflict with both Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice Ahsoka Tano in his efforts to activate it. The holocron contained the names of force-sensitive children and Bane was then tasked with kidnapping them and bringing them to Sidious.

Bane is a wizard with his twin pistols – he has faced off with both Jedi and clone troopers and lived to tell the tale.

How does he tie into the Book of Boba Fett?

cad bane boba fett
Image: Lucasfilm/Disney+

Cad Bane has come across Boba Fett, more than once, and there was even an unaired episode of The Clone Wars that depicted Bane mentoring a young Fett. While the episode never made it to screen, it’s possible we’ll see this relationship develop further in The Book of Boba Fett.

Regardless, it seems like Bane definitely has a vendetta against Fett. As seen in episode 6, the bounty hunter has become a hired mercenary for the Pykes; the main faction that is going to war with Boba on Tatooine.

Bane also has history with Boba’s right-hand woman Fennec Shand. The duo came to blows in The Bad Batch over a bounty on the special female clone Omega.

Now that Cad Bane has been introduced in live-action, we’re likely to see quite a showdown between bounty hunters on the final episode of The Book of Boba Fett.

Where can I find more of Cad?

If you want to brush up on your history of this mysterious blue bounty hunter there are plenty of places you can do so.

Cad Bane has appeared in episodes of The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch as well as Star Wars comics including Darth Maul and Age of Republic – Jango Fett.

If you want to put your Disney+ subscription to good use you can watch Cad Bane in these episodes of Star Wars: The Clones Wars where he’s voiced by Corey Burton:

  • Hostage Crisis – Season 1, Episode 22
  • Holocron Heist – Season 2, Episode 1
  • Cargo of Doom – Season 2, Episode 2
  • Children of the Force – Season 2, Episode 3
  • Lightsaber Lost – Season 2, Episode 11
  • The Mandalore Plot – Season 2, Episode 12
  • Evil Plans – Season 3, Episode 8
  • Hunt for Ziro – Season 3, Episode 9
  • Deception – Season 4, Episode 15
  • Friends and Enemies – Season 4, Episode 16
  • The Box – Season 4, Episode 17
  • Crisis on Naboo – Season 4, Episode 18

Bane has also appeared in these episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, so far:

  • Reunion – Season 1, Episode 8
  • Bounty Lost – Season 1, Episode 9

Of course, you can also see him in all his live-action glory in Episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett and hopefully in next week’s finale, too!


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