Seems Like Xbox Live Might Be Having Login Problems

Update: 6:48 pm AEDT

Looks like whatever was causing the issue are starting to subside. Users are starting to log in, and reports are tapering off. Let us know if you’re able to get through, or if you’re still having issues in the comments below. The original story follows below.

It seems like an Xbox Live outage might be underway for PC users. If you, like me, just knocked off work for the week and went to log onto Xbox Live, you may have found yourself locked out of your account.

Xbox Live login services appear to be having some issues this evening, with reports of login problems coming in by the minute on DownDetector. A similar wave of reports has been coming in on Twitter, with most coming from accounts in the APAC region.

Attempting to log into the Xbox app on my PC produced a 0x87DD0003 error, which appears most commonly in instances of an outage. My Xbox Series X, however, was able to connect without a problem so the issue may only be affecting PC users at this stage, and even then it seems many are still getting in. Exactly what is keeping certain accounts out and letting others through is not immediately clear.

At the time of writing, the Xbox Live status page indicates no outage, showing green-flag running across all of its major services. We recommend keeping an eye on the Xbox Support socials over the next couple of hours, should the situation progress.

We’ll update you when we know more.

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