Community Review: Play Anything Good Over The Holidays?

Welcome back to Community Review for 2021, friends.

It’s a bit of a quiet week in terms of releases, though a few titles are dropping here and there. I thought we might save those for next week. That’ll give us all a bit of time to jump in at our leisure.

To ease us back into the new year, now seemed like a good time to catch up. See how everyone’s doing. So: How are you, mates? I hope you’ve all had a nice, restorative break and managed to stay clear of the plague. Play anything good over the holidays? I spent most of my break with my family in Brisbane, but I did get a chance to play a few things here and there.

To my own surprise, I’ve gotten rather dangerously into Fortnite since it kicked off Chapter Three. I know. Throw me off the website, I’m entirely compromised. Roast away, comments section. But seriously, Fortnite is an awful lot of video game for free these days. I like the way it’s built a quest system that works with the BR mode, not around it. If you’re not the type who sweats for the win in every single match, you can tick off quests and challenges around the map instead. You can still get your level up, unlock skins (if you want the battle pass), and simply quit when you’re done. Get what you want out of the experience. Having it on the Switch was great, even if it was terribly awkward to control in handheld mode.

I also spent some time playtesting Xbox Cloud Gaming via Game Pass while I was in Brisbane. Played some Stardew, finally got to sink some time in Spiritfarer at long last. Had a lovely time. Gorgeous little game.

Once I was back in Melbourne, I ticked off a few Game Pass recents I’d had my eye on. The Pedestrian by Skookum Arts is a wonderfully inventive little puzzler that flew entirely under my radar when it launched in 2017. I also finally got to drop a few hours on Lake, the indie game about delivering the mail in your hometown. Very cute, very chill. The Gunk is installed on my Xbox and waits for me to find a spare second.

To fulfil a promise I made to our own Junglist when I took the reins at Kotaku Australia last year, I have also reinstalled Bloodborne on my PS5. I intend to give it a red hot go before Elden Ring arrives and see if Jeremy can finally turn me into a Souls Guy.

As for Ruby, I have it on good authority she went extremely deep on The Sims 4. A 20-year addiction has been fully reignited. Join in praying that she shows up for work tomorrow instead of staying home to play The Sims.

But that’s more than enough from me. How about you? Did you get to play anything over the holidays? Any good Game Pass finds? Score a sick deal in the Steam sale? Did you actually manage to cop all those free games on the Epic Store? Let us know in the comments below.


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