See Final Fantasy 7 Remake with the original’s fixed camera

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Thanks to the Universal Unreal Unlocker mod, it’s possible to shift the over-the-shoulder camera of Final Fantasy 7 Remake into the fixed perspectives of the original. YouTuber Final FanTV did just that, in a video that compares the train station and Mako reactor sequences of both games.

In spite of obvious changes to the color palette and details, as well as the fact that in the remake Barret jogs along behind Cloud instead of vanishing inside him when they’re partied up, the similarities between locations in the two games are obvious. Even when the pipes are replaced by more sensible industrial catwalks and narrow walkways are expanded so fights can take place on them, the layouts are similar enough to tickle the part of the brain that’s pleased to see an old thing made new.

The video’s creator says he made it in the hope someone is inspired to make a mod that lets all the remake’s exploration be enjoyed with overhead cameras—though he emphasizes his recreations of the battle sequences are just for fun, and not something he’d like to see replace the remake’s combat.

Modders have begun tweaking the PC port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the video was made with a mod that brings Cloud closer to his original color scheme. Other mods put clown makeup on Sephiroth and let Cloud wear a dress for the whole game, though by far the most popular mod is one that disables dynamic resolution.

Opinions on the remake have been divided here at PC Gamer. I found that it helped me finally appreciate Final Fantasy 7, a game I’d never really understood the fascination with before, while Fraser said it took a dump on his childhood. We’re a broad church here.


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