Sea Of Thieves Is Having Server Issues And Players Can’t Log In

Sea of Thieves is having server issues this morning, leaving players unable to access the game.

Players attempting to log into Rare’s pirate-themed multiplayer sandbox are experiencing long connection times, and connection failure errors. The primary error, Alabasterbeard, relates to server issues specifically and is affecting the game across all platforms. From Rare’s support site:

AlabasterBeard, AllmondBeard & CyanBeard
Your connection to Xbox Live and/or the Sea of Thieves services has been disrupted or lost. Please check your console’s network status via the Settings > Network menu.

I’ve tried logging in several times this morning to verify the server outage for this piece, and have received an Alabasterbeard error on each attempt.

According to the Sea of Thieves Support Twitter page, Rare is aware of the server issue and believes it to be related to matchmaking. The issue appears to lie with the game itself, and not the Xbox Live platform. At the time of writing, the official Xbox Live Status page is not reporting any outages.

The error comes days after Sea of Thieves ran server downtime to pull down its holiday event and decorations. This outage may not be related to that holiday downtime, but the timing certainly matches up. As longtime players know, Sea of Thieves is a delicate creature. Changes to the game’s codebase, large or small, regularly create unexpected headaches. The community often holds its breath after major patches, waiting to see which older systems the newer ones have broken.

To be clear, this is not generally considered a bad thing. For many, it’s actually part of the game’s charm.

A quick browse through Twitter reveals players already in the game were kicked when the issues began.

There are, however, many players that remain on the servers. They’re still in the game, roaming the seas unimpeded by fresh spawns. Unfortunately, the server issues have knocked trading company rewards out too. The companies will accept the loot but reward no gold or doubloons. This has left these players stranded, laden with booty and unable to sell any of it. These players are now refusing to log out until they get their gold.

Look, at least it didn’t happen on a Gold & Glory Weekend! We’ll keep you posted on any further developments, or when the servers come back up.

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