Epic Games Store Down After Offering Tomb Raider Trilogy For Free

It seems like Tomb Raider has defeated the Epic Games Store.

According to a report by The Verge, Epic’s Fortnite was having issues for quite a number of hours, resulting in many players unable to access the game. This, of course, is literally the worst thing that could ever happen. I jest, but it is pretty annoying when one of the world’s biggest online games decides to cark it for a bit. The issue seems to have been resolved, but now the Epic Games Store itself is facing problems.

As reported by Zack earlier today, the entire trilogy of the most recent Tomb Raider series is available for free on the Epic Games store. This is the final game that will be given away as part of the free game event which has been happening over December as a little Christmas treat.

Unfortunately, many users have been facing problems while trying to claim the game pack.

Looking further, it seems like this is an issue facing Amazon Web Services, of which Epic Games is a part of.

Amazon Web Services have faced outages almost three times just this month, which could be due to the influx of users during the Christmas period. Not to mention, the free games made available by the Epic Games Store have been incredibly popular, with many flocking to get their hands on free games.

While those games were only available for 24 hours, the Tomb Raider trilogy will be available to download for free until January 6th, 2022. This could’ve been due to Epic Games predicting that the website might have issues due to high traffic, but maybe it’s just a prolonged Christmas treat for all the gamers that have been good this year.


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