The ABC Is Looking For A YouTube Gaming Host And Producer

The ABC has plans to produce more gaming content on YouTube.

Known for the enduringly popular Good Gameand its spin-offs like Spawn Point, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is interested in once again bringing games coverage to YouTube.

Not much is known about the new project yet beyond a pair of part-time job listings available on the ABC website, published on December 13th.

According to ABC Careers, Aunty is looking for a Digital Producer to help build a brand-new platform dedicated to gaming and gaming culture. The role would consist of producing content for Youtube and social, being responsible for everything from scripting and shooting to editing and publishing.

The public broadcaster is also looking for a YouTube Host/Producer to work on the new platform. Said role will consist of writing, presenting, and developing new ideas for the show, with the ABC looking for “fresh perspectives and opinions on gaming and gaming culture”.

Though certainly a great opportunity for young new voices in the gaming space, it’s hard not to feel like this is a bit of an about-face for Aunty. The flagship Good Game and all of its spin-offs, excluding Spawn Point, were unceremoniously canned in early 2017, after several key staff indicated they were departing for the Seven Network.

The sole survivor, Good Game: Spawn Point, which is aimed at younger audiences, is still running today with current hosts Angharad Yeo and Gemma Driscoll. While the show airs on the ABC, its episodes are also posted to YouTube. Based on the descriptions of these roles, the new project will most likely have more of a focus on digital production, though one wonders how much such a project could potentially cut into GGSP‘s audience.

Making the ABC’s renewed interest in YouTube doubly curious is that it already had a successful gaming web show in 2016. Good Game Pocket was a daily web show hosted by Nich “Nichboy” Richardson and produced by Peter Burns. Its irreverent tone and willingness to embrace absurdity immediately won the show a loyal and engaged YouTube following. At the time of its cancellation, Burns criticised Pocket‘s end as an “absurd” move.

Pocket was the exact show the ABC should have been making,” Burns said on Twitter at the time. “It’s absurd they abandoned it.”

It seems the ABC may have come to its senses at last, as it once again looks to YouTube to further produce gaming content. The video-hosting platform has long been known for being packed to the brim with gaming content. Alongside Twitch, YouTube hosts some of Australia’s largest gaming creators, including Muselk, Loserfruit, and Aussie Antics. According to Think with Google, two of the top five YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide are gaming-related, with many going to YouTube for gaming entertainment and research.

If you’ve got experience producing video content for online audiences or are comfortable on camera talking about video games, head on over to the Digital Producer and YouTube Host/Producer listings on the ABC Careers website.


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