Babble Royale Turns Scrabble Into A Duel To The Death

Babble Royale is the newest game by Everybody House Games. Its pitch is simple: Scrabble meets Battle Royale.

In Babble Royale, 16 players are dropped onto a top-down map and the familiar circle begins to gradually close around them. From a pool of letters at their disposal, players must spell English words to move across the map. Each new move must use a letter from your previous word. Each word generates money, which can be used to more quickly generate new letters or claim power-ups from the in-game store. Successfully intersecting another player’s word will kill them, dropping useful loot and power-ups.

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The player who survives to the very end gets The Last Word and is crowned the winner.

It’s Scrabble, to the death.

And the best part? It’s free. It’s free, which is insane because I would have been happy to pay anything they wanted.

This might be the greatest spin on the Scrabble format since the great (and now sadly defunct) Word Ace combined Scrabble with Texas Hold ‘Em poker in 2009. Word Ace was a game that involved guarding your letters like you would a hand of cards. It was all about the word score. Instead of cards, players were dealt a hand of letters. They would then assemble the best word they could from this pool of letters. Then, the mind games began. Its online multiplayer was utterly cut-throat and its best games delivered world-class thrills. Sadly, it vanished from the iOS app store as time, support, and newer versions of iOS took their toll. I’ll never forget you, Word Ace.

I get the same exciting vibe from Babble Royale and I look forward to losing all my time to it.

You can grab the game on Steam right here.


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