CES 2022: What to Expect in the World of Phones

Though CES 2022 will be enjoyed by us from afar this year (we’re not flying over because of COVID), we’re still super excited about all of the announcements – in particular what’s in store on the phones front.

What can we expect from phone manufacturers at CES this year? It’s tough to say. We just about know which phone manufacturers will be turning up to the annual tech expo in Vegas, but beyond that, we don’t have many specific announcements. Yet.

If you’re keen on the big phone announcements of CES 2022, keep this article in mind. We’ll be going through everything you need to know and adding details as they come in.


Samsung’s a bit on the rocks for CES 2022. Although the phone manufacturer doesn’t show off its flagship devices during CES (the S22 range will likely come later in February), we’ll probably see some budget and mid-range devices at the show, in particular from the A-Series.

The only device we have a good feeling about this year is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, which has been leaking left, right and centre. We’ll update this article when we know more.


TCL’s a bit of an up and comer in the Australian market, releasing constant hits throughout 2021 but still flying under the radar. This year at CES, we expect TCL to launch its 30 series phones (21 series phones?), as 2021 has been the year of the 20 series device.

Beyond that, it’s all TVs for TCL this year we reckon, as that’s the company’s main wheelhouse.


OnePlus? In Australia? It’s more likely than you think. It looks like OnePlus is gearing up for an Australian release, but that’s beside the point for its CES plans. According to a leak, it looks like OnePlus has something queued up for the event, but we don’t know what as of yet. Could it be the OnePlus 10 range? Maybe. We’ll wait and see.


Motorola could show up at CES this year and show off the much-rumoured Moto Edge X or the Moto Edge X30, but for now we’re just hoping to see them show up.


OPPO is gearing up to release its next flagship phone early next year, but for now things are still on the speculative side. It’ll likely be the Find X4 series of phones, but we’ll wait and see. OPPO has been playing around with rollable tech for a while, so hopefully we see a bit of that this year.

That’s all so far

For the moment, that’s about as much as what’s rumoured. We’ll keep an eye on phone rumours, leaks and announcements leading up to CES 2022.


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