13 Perfectly Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Pop Culture Fiends

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An “ugly” Christmas sweater is subjective, right? Controversial opinion but we reckon they’re good, actually. But for the sake of what has become an iconic style of sweater, we can keep calling them ugly.

So we present to you, ugly Christmas sweaters — with a twist.

Below, we’ve cultivated a bunch of pop-culture themed Christmas sweaters, from Harry Potter to Star Wars and Super Mario. While you’ll definitely want to throw these on for the big day, you’ll find that the “ugliness” is subtle enough you’ll want to wear them during winter.

However, keep in mind that Christmas is just 23 sleeps away, so make sure you order early to avoid missing out on partaking in the ugly sweater-ness.

Pickle Rick Christmas sweater
Image: eBay

Back in 2013, a little adult animated TV series hit screens, dubbed Rick and Morty. The show follows the exploits of Rick, an alcoholic and mad scientist and Morty, his dim-witted grandson, as they go on a bout of nonsensical adventures throughout the galaxy.

Somewhere along the way (for whatever reason), “Pickle Rick” was born and became an instant meme in pop culture.

Get your favourite mad scientist immortalised in prime pickle-y form through this Christmas sweater.

Shop it here.

Image: Ripple Junction

Get ready to Naruto run your way into this ugly Christmas sweater.

Sporting the iconic Hidden Leaf Village symbol and a mix of shurikens and kunai, you’ll be the envy of all of your anime-loving friends at your Christmas gathering. Believe it!

Shop the Ripple Junction Naruto Shippuden Christmas Sweater here.

Halo Christmas sweater
Image: Numskull

When you feel like taking a break from waging war on the Covenant, don’t forget to wish your nearest and dearest ‘Happy Halo-Days’ with this official Numskull Christmas sweater.

You can pick it up just in time for Halo Infinite.

Shop the Numskull ‘Happy Halo-Days’ Christmas sweater here.

Harry Potter Knitted Christmas Jumpers

Image: Popgear

Do you remember how Mrs. Weasley used to knit Harry and Ron those adorable Christmas sweaters with their initials embroidered onto them? While we couldn’t find any that would arrive on time for Christmas, we did find a bunch of regular ugly sweaters with a magical Potterhead vibe.

First up is this grey jumper printed with an owl, stag, lightning bolt and Harry’s glasses in the classic Griffindor colours. You can shop it here for $77.

But if you’d prefer a less colourful option, this charcoal option is also available for $77.

Both options don’t have a distinctly festive look to them, so when the cold winter months return, feel free to dig them both out to wear as you rewatch your favourite movies series again for the 1,000th time.

Christopher Walken Christmas sweater
Image: Retta

You loved him in Pulp Fiction, Batman Returns and that one Fatboy Slim music video. Now you can show off your love with a fancy Walken in a Winter Wonderland sweater.

Make the meme a reality by shopping the Retta Walken in A Winter Wonderland Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt here.

Image: Popgear

Now that Venom: Let There Be Carnage has officially hit Australian shores, you can sure as hell show off your love for the Marvel villain with this knitted jumper.

Along with the recently announced Spider-Man 2 for PS5 coming out in 2023, it’s a great time to be a Venom fan.

Shop the Popgear Venom knitted jumper here.

Gotta collect all them dorky sweaters!

Show some Pokemon pride at Christmas dinner with this red Pokemon Christmas sweater. You can shop it here for $55.14.

This Pokemon Christmas jumper featuring Pikachu and the three Kanto starters is also available here for $35.99.

An ugly Christmas sweater with Spyro
Image: Zavvi

Everybody’s favourite purple dragon is back in the spirit of an ugly Christmas sweater. Now that the remastered trilogy has been on the shelves for a few years now, the love for Spyro has been reignited – literally.

Keep that fire burning by picking up this Zavvi Spyro “Flame The Halls” Sweatshirt here.

Image: Zavvi

Did you even have a childhood if you didn’t play Crash Bandicoot on your PlayStation?

Wumpa fruit is sure to taste all the more sweeter as does beating your cousins in an old-school Crash Racing course when you’re wearing this Happy Crashmas sweatshirt.

Shop the Happy Crashmas Sweatshirt here.

Image: Zavvi

Even the Sith don’t seem to mind dialling down their ambitions for galactic conquest during the holidays.

In fact, deception proves useful when you’re trying to smuggle presents into the house beneath the recipient’s unsuspecting nose.

That’s why you need this ‘Have A Merry Sithmas’ knitted jumper for Christmas Day. What’s a better way at embracing the dark side than counting the number of presents under the tree for you?

Shop it here.

Image: Zavvi

Finally, we couldn’t do a list of dorky Christmas sweaters without including one with our favourite moustachioed plumber.

Channel the iconic Nintendo game with this Super Mario Christmas sweatshirt.

Shop it here.

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