Halo Infinite Is Removing Fiesta Mode After Samurai Event, And The Community Is Not Happy

343 Industries has announced it will remove the Fiesta game mode from Halo Infinite once the current Fractured: Tenrai samurai event concludes. Fiesta, and the Tenrai event, will return to the rotation in January for a second limited-time event.

The news that Fiesta will be removed from the launch-window playlist because it’s tied to an LTE has been met with broad criticism from the game’s community. Following unrest over Halo Infinite‘s aggressive microtransaction model, for many, this could be the final straw.

For Aussies, the Tenrai event will end on Wendesday, December 1 at 2 AM AEDT. Event Pass progress earned during the current Fracture: Tenrai event will carry over each time it reoccurs. So, basically, if you don’t complete it this time, don’t worry. You’ll get another chance to progress when it returns in January.

So, at least players have that going for them. However, it does not address the community complaint at hand, which is that Halo Infinite has so few modes right now. Removing Fiesta, even temporarily, they argue, only hurts the game.

Fiesta is a game mode that gives players a new and random pair of weapons on every respawn. It’s a mode that goes back to Halo 3, and has been popular among sections of the community as a party mode. It’s all about variety, and the thrill of never knowing which weapons your opponents are going to have in hand.

Without Fiesta, Halo Infinite‘s current game modes are Slayer, Oddball, Capture the Flag, and Strongholds. Big Team Game recycles these modes with a larger player count. 343 says more modes are on the way, but the likelihood that any of them will arrive during this first “beta” season seems remote.

Halo Infinite: Season One is slated to run until well into May 2022. You have until December 1 to grind through the Tenrai challenges if you want that skin. After that, you’ll have to wait until after Christmas to continue.


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