Finally, A Game That Lets You Be A Silly Little Cat Doing Silly Little Things

Little Kitty, Big City might be about to give Untitled Goose Game a run for its money.

Being a human living a day-to-day human life is exhausting and frankly just terrible. You have to do tasks, work, pay bills, feed a child maybe, put your pants on one leg at a time (seriously, what the hell is that about?), and try to go to sleep every night without falling into a pit of existential dread where you question everything you’ve ever done in your life and eventually convince yourself you’re going to die in your sleep because your leg kinda hurts. Not great!

But what if you were just a silly little cat? A fluffy little guy doing things for no reason other than you can?

Many of us dream about it. No responsibilities, no paying rent, playing in garbage, eating raw fish, and licking yourself clean. What a life, right? Don’t you want to live that life? Well, soon you can.

As part of Wholesome Games’ Wholesome Snack showcase, we got a peek into Seattle-based indie dev Double Dagger Studio’s upcoming debut title, Little Kitty, Big City. Double Dagger Studio was created by veteran game developer Matt T. Wood, whose name you might recognise from working on Valve classics such as Half-Life 2 and Portal 2. Great games, but I’d say a far stretch from a game where you play a curious little black cat who embarks on an adventure in the big city to find their way home… eventually.

With its bright, simplistic art style and cheeky protagonist, Little Kitty, Big City is reminiscent of indie darlings like Untitled Goose Game and A Short Hike. The goofy dialogue between the cat and the many furry, fluffy, and feathery friends they meet along the way, as well as the VERY good cat hats available in the game have got our interest piqued for sure. The Wholesome Snack showcases rarely miss and have given us a plethora of very sweet games to chill the absolute fuck out to, but Little Kitty, Big City is definitely one to look out for.

Unfortunately, there’s no official release date for Little Kitty, Big City just yet, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist as well as follow updates at the game’s official Twitter.


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