Secretlab Magnus, the gaming desk with RGB stylings, is now available in Australia

Secretlab pretty much dominates our list of the best gaming chairs, which would suggest they’ve mastered that form. What does a company specializing in chairs do after they’ve nailed the (not so) humble chair? Well, if you’ve got a chair, you probably want to be seated on it at a desk. So you make a desk.

Enter the Secretlab Magnus, which Jacob wrote about back in April. It’s a pretty impressive affair: it’s made of metal, it has RGB lighting, and some classy cable management. It also has magnets, which is nice. After a bit of a delay making it down under, the Secretlab Magnus is now available in Australia for a minimum of AU$599

Minimum, because you can accessorize this thing with different “magpad” desk mats which, as the name implies, are magnetized. They’re basically just the same as what you get with the base model, only with brand logos. Do you love Cloud9 or Team Liquid enough to fork out an extra AU$100? You can do that. You can also buy extra cable management tools like anchors and sheaths.

The desk is 1.5 metres wide—if you’re after something smaller, a 1.2 metre model will be available at some unspecified point in the future.


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