Community Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy

Two big games came out last week but were just narrowly too late to include in a Community Review, so we’re making up for it this week with two. Yesterday’s was on Age of Empires 4, and today we’re asking if you have any opinions on whether your fellow Kotakuers should get Guardians of the Galaxy.

So far the overall sentiment I’m seeing online seems to be good, and its Metacritic score of 81 (at the time of writing) is decent.

But what do you think? Are you happy with how Marvel has treated the characters? Does the gameplay stack up?

I’ll be honest, I have it installed on my PC but haven’t had the time to dip into it yet. I had such grand plans of covering both AoE4 and this throughout the week, but my eyes were too big for my stomach. So I’m completely relying on you, friends.

Marvel videogames continue to be a mixed bag. I was over the moon with how good the treatment of characters was in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. The way they handled Kingpin, Doc Oc, and everyone else got a big ol’ chef’s kiss from me.

Then again, more recently we had Marvel’s Avengers, which most people seemed to feel had incoherent gameplay and an intrusive business model.

So where does Guardians of the Galaxy fit into all this? We know what ol’ mate Mike Fahey thinks, but what do you think?


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