Cyber Monday Gaming Headset deals 2021: it’s never too soon to find the right pair of cans

Gaming headsets have improved in the sound department in the last few years. The wider soundstage makes up for the severe lack of bass in many of these gaming headsets. Audiophiles might be a little turned off by the selection. But just in case you want sound quality over gaming features, we did make a list of some of the best headphones deals at the bottom of the page. You’re welcome.  

Of course, using headphones alongside a decent microphone is still an excellent option for gaming, and we’ve kept an eye on those too. Any wireless headset offering over 24 hours of battery life is worth a second look. Wired users should check the cable length. Six feet should be the minimum, or else you’ll have the thing ripped off your head whenever you get up. 

You might be tempted to pick a headset from a brand you never heard of because it’s marked down 90%, but trust us, that’s a waste of money. Check out product reviews and look at price histories using sites like this.

Since headsets seem like one of the only PC gaming products you actually can buy these days, there will be hundreds of options for you to choose from, with multiple retailers selling the same model at different discounts. But, don’t’ worry, we will let you know who’s got the best deal for you. 


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