The CSGO P90 Proposal That Got Her To Say Yes

Reddit user ejqespiritu reminisced recently about the time he proposed to his now-wife – within CSGO.

According to ejqespiritu, their partner originally introduced them to CSGO in 2014, saying to use the P90 as it’s easy for beginners.

The two eventually didn’t have time to keep playing the game, but ejqespiritu created a custom skin before quitting for good. It was a P90 with a wedding ring in the clip, which the player could see more clearly when reloading.

Three different angles of the P90 skin are displayed, with a large image to the side of the wedding ring

After asking her to play with the gun, she loaded up a bot game and started fragging for a while before eventually reloading.

She then reloaded a few times and finally made sense what was inside and screamed “you serious?” as she looked back and there’s me, knees bent, holding the cheap ring I hastily bought on one hand and sporting the wryest smile before asking her to Marry Me.

It’s been one year now. Happy anniversary to ejqespiritu!

The Marry Me P90 still exists as a skin on the Steam workshop, and is a great example of how a feature like this doesn’t always have to be about becoming an official skin and making a truckload of cash.

It would have taken a bit of effort, too: installing new skins is not as easy as it was in the Wild West of Counter-Strike betas. These days there’s a whole process, involving community-made tools just to install custom skins, let alone make them.

The player reloads the P90 and the wedding ring box is more clear

It’s also not sanctioned in regular matchmaking, but thankfully there’s not much risk of being VAC-banned if you’re thinking about trying something similar. Often if you play around with custom skins, you can still join VAC servers — the skins will just revert to their normal, Valve-approved versions.

Plus, something tells us Valve won’t mind you “altering” its game for such a wholesome purpose.

So now we’ve seen proposals themed with BioShock, The Stanley Parable, The Binding of Isaac, Marvel’s Spider Man (which didn’t age well), 1000 Heroz, and Borderlands. What’s your favourite?


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