RTX 3090 Owners Are Having Problems With Amazon’s New World, Again

After the New World fiasco where owners of fancy EVGA RTX 3090 cards ended up with paperweights after playing Amazon’s MMO, EVGA investigated their GPUs to rectify the issue. Everyone thought the issue had been fixed — and then New World launched.

There’s user reports on the New World forums once again of EVGA owners being forced to RMA their $2,879-plus graphics cards after getting their pirate MMO on. “After two back screen crashes I tried to restart the game and my PC immediately rebooted,” a post on the New World forums titled “Game Crash – Black Screen – Bricked GPU!” reads.

“When it came back there was no video and the motherboard indicated a VGA failure. The centre power connector on the GPU had a red light. The GPU has completely failed (bricked).”

That’s pretty bad, but they’re not the only ones running into issues. Other 30-series RTX owners have run into plenty of crashes too:

Owners of other cards, however, kept crashing in New World until they underclocked their cards:

I’m getting what sounds like the same crash as above on the game’s initial load with 100% reliability thus far (namely, all monitors lose signal, the ‘device disconnected’ sound plays eventually and a hard reset required to clear the problem, with Reliability Monitor showing multiple failures of dwm.exe) at a power limit of 90% and a fixed clock of 1850MHz. Loads as far as the server selection screen when fixed at 1605MHz. Can’t get any further at the moment because…well, servers. I’ll start nudging the clock up and see where it starts to wobble.

Which is a rather unimpressive showing by Amazon’s engine, considering that everything else – including Star-I-make-systems-cry-Citizen – is perfectly happy at 1850… Edit: Marginally unstable at ~1680 MHz (ie, 3090 reference). Got about 10 minutes into the newbie area and gathering wood to make the skinning knife when it crashed without warning (same symptoms). Returning to 1600 MHz.

Further further update: Appears stable at 1600 MHz after a couple of hours of gameplay.

And then there’s users suffering from a game that randomly freezes

Another potential cause is that the game’s framerate limiter — a recommended setting for anyone who didn’t want their GPUs to run flat out trying to render every single frame — which doesn’t appear to be working. “It’s especially jarring right now when facing long login queues,” another user reported. “My GPU is sitting under full load, even when the game is minimised to the background.”

Some New World players have said they faced this issue in the beta, but others are saying they didn’t experience the freezing prior to the MMO’s launch. A response from New World‘s developers, however, says the issue has at least been escalated.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for frustrated New World players. Every MMO that’s successful has a bit of a rough launch, but New World‘s bugs are going a little bit further than that. Some of the greatest hits so far include respawn timers that force you to wait an entire week, overloaded servers, players’ faces disappearing after they teleport, the game blacking out if it’s raining and you’re in the middle of a Darkness event, the interact button just not working for whatever reason, players being permanently stuck in fishing when trying to duel, players literally becoming immortal, and a whole lot of people just crawling through town for no explicable reason. Which, I’m told, is actually a feature.

Fun times, then.

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