Bring Your Skater Birds, We’ve Got A Big Friend To Save

Finally, the Skate 4 we really deserve is here.

I’m talking about SkateBIRD, possibly the most adorable take on a skateboarding sim ever made. It’s finally out this week, and so as is customary, Leah will be putting these adorable little canaries through their paces.

I’m especially keen to see what SkateBIRD does in terms of the story. The official description has a really interesting note that just seems equal parts sad and heartwarming:

You’re a lonely lil’ bird, and your Big Friend has hung up their board for good. Their job sucks, and lately, they’re barely ever home to play with you. You’re gonna fix all that with the power of being a chill little skateboarding bird. You may be tiny, but the more you skate, the more friends you’ll make. Birds will come check out your park, help you find more parks, and together you’ll (somehow) fix Big Friend’s life!

Are … are we the Big Friend in this world? Were we the owners of the bird and we just … abandoned them?

Or is the Big Friend maybe a crow or something, the feathered Tony Hawk of this world?

Either way, I need to know. And you probably do too now that I’ve drawn attention to it. So that’s what Leah will be doing. She’ll be shepherding the stream solo this week, leading us all through the glory that is SkateBIRD from 2.30pm AEST to 3.30pm AEST.

You can follow through the stream embed below, or directly via our Twitch channel. Tune in! It’ll be cute.

You can join our Aussie Discord server too! We’ve got a lovely little community going, and you can ping myself or Leah any questions, or hang out with the other TAYbies. Lot of chill, funny folk in there.


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