Lake Is Finally Playable On Xbox In Australia

After falling afoul of Australia’s classification guidelines that everyone but the government wants to change, the cute 80’s adventure about being a postie in your home town is finally available locally on Xbox.

The game launched earlier this month but due to complications with a couple of scenes involving “soft drugs”, the automated IARC ratings system decided that Lake should be refused classification.

That put Gamoius, a small indie studio, into a weird spot. To have the decision reviewed manually would have cost thousands of dollars, and so while everything was worked out, the game launched on Steam — but not on Xbox.

However, it looks like the developers have managed to work things out after chatting to the Classification Board and some other developers. A new listing on shows that the game has been rated R18+ with “high impact drug use”. Steam obviously kept selling Lake anyway, but the rating matters for those launching on consoles: Nintendo, Sony and Xbox won’t allow games to be sold digitally to Australians without a classification rating.

lake xbox
Image: Classification Board

The game’s available now for $29.95 through the Microsoft Store, although it’s a bit cheaper on PC where you can grab it for just under $25.


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