Let’s Make Some Hot Dogs On The Surgery Table

It still blows my mind that the same person responsible for Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s story has now ended up creating the bizarre story behind Surgeon Simulator 2.

That’s right: the same person who crafted the story behind the first two Tomb Raider reboots and Mirror’s Edge is now behind the warped world of physics-based organ transplants.

But there’s more to Surgeon Simulator 2 to explore. The game fully supports co-op from the off, so Leah and I are going to see how the Bossa Labs Medical Facility holds up. It launched on Steam last week and it’s an Xbox Game Pass title as well, if you’ve got a subscription for that.

We’ll be playing from 1.45pm AEST to 2.45pm AEST. It’s a little earlier than usual because a bunch of things have shuffled around, so we’ve moved forward to suit. You can follow along below or directly through our Twitch channel. You can find the live chat underneath the embed as well.

You can join our Aussie Discord server too! We’ve got a lovely little community going, and you can ping myself or Leah any questions, or hang out with the other TAYbies. Lot of chill, funny folk in there.


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