Someone’s Already Upscaled Black Myth Wukong Into 8K

Black Myth Wukong doesn’t need upscaling to look pretty, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt.

The most recent snippet of gameplay looked astonishingly crisp and sharp, undoubtedly thanks to the benefit of the latest Unreal Engine. But that’s never enough for some people. So as you’d expect, someone has taken all of that glorious footage and thrown it at an absurdly powerful computer for an excessive amount of time, gifting us all with some actual 8K content to enjoy.

It comes courtesy of the Upscale YouTube channel, which transformed The Witcher 2‘s intro into something properly next-gen and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver into 8K.

By the time Black Myth: Wukong actually launches, we might have hardware that’s actually capable of playing it in 8K (courtesy of the AI upscaling wizardry of DLSS). It still looks pretty damn good at any resolution, mind you.


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