It’s Time To Taunt Ourselves With Flamethrowers In Aliens: Fireteam Elite

You know what one of the best parts of Aliens: Fireteam Elite is? Making it impossible for your enemies to see anything.

The effect of the flamethrower — not just the quality of the fire but how all encompassing it is on the screen — is one of my favourite things about Aliens: Fireteam Elite. It feels weird to call out such a small detail, but it’s a ton of fun to just paint the screen golden while the damage numbers tick up.

There’s also lots of other things you can do or rely upon in Fireteam Elite, and we’ll be exploring that today on stream. Leah and I will be playing through in co-op, and you can catch up on that below.

For more on Fireteam Elite, read our full review here.


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