Actually, Merengue Is The Most Edible Animal Crossing Villager

YouTube has some pretty great videos. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the entire history of the world’s abandoned theme parks, it has you covered. If you want fun facts about gaming there are plenty of options. Even if you want to know which Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers are the most edible, YouTube’s got it all.

But… wait. Hold on a moment — did I mean YouTube will tell you which Animal Crossing villagers are the most delicious to eat?

Well hey, I sure did.

See, what long-time Animal Crossing players will know is that many of this game’s inhabitants are actually based on various foods and drinks from around the world.

While most villagers are based on animals, many have ‘food-based’ gimmicks to make them really stand out. There’s an elephant with a kettle for a head, named Tia. There’s a dark red pig named Rasher. There’s also several ‘beefy’ bull villagers.

Then, you’ve got this little mouse named Chadder.

animal crossing chadder edible villager
Image: Nintendo

Now, Chadder is fine. He looks like he’s made of cheese, he’s got a fancy tuxedo and he looks like a smug little boy.


In Backseat’s September 2020 analysis on the edibility of every Animal Crossing villager, they named Chadder as the #1 most edible villager — a place he simply does not deserve.

In fact, I have a massive bone to pick with this ranking.

In my heart, I know Chadder isn’t the most edible villager. I look at him and I feel nothing. Cheese is fine, but you can get it anywhere. I’ve got some in my fridge right now. It’s not special. But you know who is special?

You know what rarely graces my fridge shelves?


animal crossing new horizons edible villagers
Image: Nintendo

Merengue is an absolutely gorgeous villager. She literally has strawberry and whipped cream for a nose! Nobody would choose to eat plain old cheese if there was merengue waiting nearby.

But more than being made of an absolutely classic desert, Merengue should rank as the most edible villager because she just looks so dang nice. She has kind eyes, soft fuzzy fur, and rosy pink cheeks.

Merengue is shaped like a friend.

Chadder looks like he just whiffed, and he’s waiting for you to notice.

I know the team at Backseat are perfectly lovely and their opinions are valid, but how do you look at my sweet girl Merengue and place her #6 in the list of edibility? It’s an absolute crime.

Each villager’s score was based on specific criteria including ‘overall looks’, which may explain Merengue’s poor ranking, but arguably her shabby cook’s apron still works as a cute, fashionable ensemble. It means she’s versatile: she can cook, or be cooked.

All this to say: Merengue was robbed.

She is hands down the most edible villager in the Animal Crossing world, and while I respect Backseat’s right to have an opinion I am also respectfully disagreeing.

You can take your Chadders and your Rashers elsewhere, Merengue should’ve been crowned queen.

If you want to watch Backseat’s video and come to your own conclusions about Animal Crossing villager edibility, you can watch it below:

At this stage, I’m more than eight months past the edible Animal Crossing conversation but justice must be done. The YouTube algorithm being slow is no excuse not to take up arms.

Merengue deserves her time in the sun, and I’m willing to fight for it.


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