The Best TV Cabinets For Your PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X/S

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The Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 are both large consoles, and you may have trouble fitting them into an everyday entertainment unit. While there’s ways to make it work, your best option for storage is to plan ahead and purchase a cabinet with plenty of space for your consoles. That means having multiple shelves, space for cable management and plenty of breathing room.

To find the perfect storage options, you should first consider just how big the PS5 and Xbox Series X really are.

Here’s how the consoles stack up.

How big is the PlayStation 5?

ps5 tv sets cabinets size
Image: PlayStation

The PS5 is a hefty console, and the largest of the two ‘next gen’ systems. The base model measures 39 cm (H) x 10.4 cm (W) x 26cm (D) and the Digital Edition measures 39 cm (H) x 9.2 cm (W) x 26cm (D), so you’re looking at a fairly significant amount of space to house it.

Standing upright, it’ll take up little room but if you choose to lay it flat it’ll take up an entire segment or shelf of an entertainment unit.

How big is the Xbox Series X/S?

xbox series x tv sets cabinets
Image: Microsoft/Xbox

The Xbox Series X is much fatter than the PS5, but it’s also not as bulky or difficult to store. It measures 30.1 cm (H) x 15.1 cm (W) × 15.1 cm (D) and can be stored either upright or on its side.

The Xbox Series is smaller at 27.5 cm (H) x 15.1 cm (W) × 6.5 cm (D), and you’ll have far less trouble storing this console away. In fact, this console should fit in any TV set up with ease.

Which entertainment units will best fit the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5?

xbox series x playstation 5 tvs best sets cabinets
Image: Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Your first port of call when purchasing a TV cabinet should be IKEA. While there’s certainly other great furniture makers around, it offers great value for money. As an added bonus, most stores also now offer replica Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 boxes you can test out in the furniture to make sure they’ll fit.

As long as your chosen cabinet is roomy and lets consoles breath, it’ll perfectly fit your Xbox Series X and PS5 set-up.

Here’s a few of the must suitable entertainment units on offer at IKEA.

Price: $89

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Vittjsö. It’s a roomy cabinet with a funky glass middle and plenty of room for all your consoles and accessories. A Vittsjö won’t fit any consoles up top (unless you squeeze in a Switch around a smaller TV) but it leaves plenty of room for both the Xbox Series X and PS5 on its shelves while still looking very stylish.

Price: $385

The Bestå is a premium cabinet purchase from IKEA, but it’s very stylish and huge, meaning you can fit in multiple consoles with plenty of space left over. It also comes with a very nifty cable-hiding system which means you can better manage all your HDMI 2.1s and power cables. Basically, it’s the ultimate cabinet for gamers — but it does come at a premium cost.

Price: $169

The Byås will only fit two consoles in the centre because of the cupboards on either side, but it is a great solution if you want to store other accessories and games in your unit. If you’re unhappy with how the set-up looks in the item listing, you can actually take out the centre shelves and rearrange them how you like.

fjallbo ikea tv cabinets ps5
Image: IKEA

Price: $149

Fjällbo is a great, wide option for anyone looking to maximise their storage. It’ll fit the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X easily, and the funky latticed doors mean you can hide them away without sacrificing the need for both consoles to vent air. For anyone looking for a stylish, rustic option, the Fjällbo is a worthy option.

Price: $255

The Platsa is another hefty cabinet, but one that has the added benefit of being long enough to fit either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X alongside a TV on the top. Failing that, there’s roomy spaces above the large drawers for either console. The Xbox Series X will be a tighter fit than the PlayStation 5 in this cabinet but there should still be enough room for it to breath.

IKEA isn’t the only place you can go to find good gaming and entertainment cabinets, though.

Price: $89

The Kodu Hamilton Entertainment Unit from Big W is a rustic storage solution that includes breathable rattan sides and a wood frame for the perfect beachy vibes. If you’re looking for a setup that seems a bit more ‘homey’ it’s got a great look and plenty of room. Like others on the list, it also rocks easy-access cabinets on the sides to store anything you need.

tv cabinets ps5 xbox series x
Image: Matt Blatt

Price: $169

Matt Blatt also has a great range of affordable TV units, each with its own stylish flair. The Ovela Pizzola is one of the best looking of the lot, and has the roomiset storage options for console owners. It rocks a funky arrow pattern and dark brown wood that should fit into any living room or bedroom set-up, and it’s got handy under-storage for thinner items like board games.

Price: $89

Like Matt Blatt, Fantastic Furniture also has some great entertainment units on offer including the very roomy Como TV Stand. This bad boy is a stylish solution with plenty of options for storage including wide centre shelves and bookshelves on both sides. Basically, if you want to pack your entire entertainment set-up into the Como, you are more than welcome.

These are just some of the best Xbox Series X and PS5 entertainment units and TV cabinets, but there’s sure to be plenty of others available.

What are you currently using to organise your consoles? Share your picks in the comment below — and feel free to debate the merits of the Bestås over the Fjällbos, or the Comos over the Vittsjös.


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