The Aussies Who Travel The World Reviewing Theme Parks

Trying to make sense of the current pandemic is, on the surface of it, impossible. Even with the curve starting to flatten, there is no end in sight to the ramifications. Conservative governments worldwide are resorting to the kinds of economic measures that would have made the most idealistic communist utopia look generous. Faith in the current structure of the global supply chain has been completely upended. Central banks are printing money on a scale that will completely upend the world’s idea of debt and debt ratios.

People’s lives and worlds have completely changed. But what’s new with COVID-19, even compared against World Wars, the Great Depression or the bubonic plagues, is how the whole world is experiencing this simultaneously. Rich countries, poor countries, Western countries, Eastern countries: everyone is being by the same invisible force all at once, with no end in sight.

The world is changing. And the only thing that might remain the same as it once was, the last bastion of what things were like, might be video games.


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