This Nier: Automata skin for Fall Guys is making me extremely uncomfortable Fall Guys Nier

The frontrunner for this year’s “They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should” moment appeared in a short trailer during Summer Game Fest today. Fall Guys is getting a new skin fashioned after Nier: Automata protagonist 2B, who wears a lacey maid outfit I can’t say I ever expected, or wanted, to see on a Fall Guys bean.

Nier: Automata’s sexualized character designs—which have inspired years of essays and critique about how they fit into creator Yoko Taro’s games—do not seem like the most natural skins for Fall Guys’ goofy multiplayer and freakish skeletons. But this is now a thing that exists in the world, and we have to live with that. I’ve seen it, and I’m forcing you to see it too. I am sorry.

The 2B skin for Fall Guys is out on June 18th.

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