Someone just spent almost $100,000 on an Among Us chicken nugget The stonks meme but with a chicken nugget

In a perfect storm of terminally online nonsense, someone just managed to sell a chicken nugget from a McDonalds tie-in meal with K-Pop band BTS for almost $100,000 because it looked a bit like a crewmate from backstabbing party game Among Us.

Yes, I need to go lie down too. 

The eBay auction wrapped up earlier this morning after 184 bids, arriving at a final price of $99,997 (£70,986) for what is essentially a cold piece of processed chicken in a plastic bag. It does, admittedly, look a bit like an Among Us—complete with stubby wee feet and a general bean-shaped physique.

Original seller Polizna does note that the astronomical price won’t just net the winning bidder a very sus nugget, mind. At the buyer’s request, they’ll also ship a few tubs of McDonalds’ extremely contentious Szechuan sauce alongside it. 

“Xbox’s Twitter replied to the official Among us twitter that had posted about it and mentioned that it had better come with Szechuan sauce if it sells for this price,” wrote Polizna. “Jokes on them.. I have Szechuan and at buyers request will ship some with the nugget.”

The listing also notes that the nug will be shipped frozen and air-sealed with an expected lifespan of 14 days—just in case the buyer did, in fact, pay several years’ salary to eat the most expensive nugget in history (to the best of my knowledge). 


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