Rick & Morty Is Now An Australian Maxibon

Ice cream flavours aren’t what first comes to mind when I think of Rick & Morty, but that hasn’t stopped Maxibon from turning Pickle Rick into Pickle Mint.

Called Pickle Rick Mint flavour — obviously honouring the absolutely bonkers Pickle Rick episode from season 3 — the Maxibon is a limited edition flavour that’s being sold in 7-Eleven stores today in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. OTR stores will have the mint-flavoured Maxibon from July at OTR stores.

Image: Supplied

It’s all a promotion for the 5th season of Rick & Morty, which officially launches on June 20 this year. An official trailer for the season dropped at the end of March, showing that more of the family would get involved in Rick and Morty’s escapades this time around. There’s also some Hellraiser references, too.

We still don’t officially know where Rick & Morty season 5 will land when it hits Australia. The series is exclusive to HBO Max in the United States after Netflix lost the rights. Netflix Australia has aired Rick & Morty in Australia before, but now that Binge is officially in Australia, the latest season might be available through them. I’m checking with both streaming services and I’ll report back once I know more.


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