Amazon Prime Day 2021: Everything You Need To Know

We’ve had a nice cool down period since 2020’s shopping season, but this year’s major shopping events have been slowly ramping up. That means Amazon Prime Day, and all the huge deals and big bargains it’ll bring, isn’t too far off.

So when is Amazon Prime Day going to kick off in Australia this year, and what kind of deals can you expect during the sale event?

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

While an official date for Amazon Prime Day in 2021 has yet to be released, past events suggest we’ll most likely see it taking place in the middle of winter.

Apart from Prime Day 2020, which was re-scheduled for October due to COVID-19, most Prime Days have taken place in the middle of July (as early as July 11 in 2017, and as late as July 17 in 2019). Unless there’s another massive global event between now and then, the odds are good that’ll we’ll see the sale event kick off in July.

Prime Day took place over two days in both 2019 and 2020, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see it last for 48-hours in 2021.

Don’t forget your Prime membership

To get any of the deals on Prime Day you’ll need an active Amazon Prime membership. Amazon currently offers a free 30-day trial for Prime, which you cancel anytime. So with some strategic timing, you can take advantage of these huge deals and discounts, without having  having to pay for a membership.

What deals can we expect for Amazon Prime Day?

Image: Nintendo

Depending on your console of choice, there were a large selection of deals for Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch titles during Amazon Prime Day last year. So if you’re looking to bulk up your game library/shame pile and maybe grab that titles you’ve been meaning to play, you’ll want to take advantage of these sales.

If you’re gaming is a bit more PC-centric, Amazon Prime Day is also a great opportunity to pick up some parts and accessories for your rig. Last year, we saw major discounts on brands such as Razer, Corsair and ASUS.

So if you’re in the market for a new computer monitor or gaming keyboard, this might be the opportunity to get the peripheral you need while saving yourself a few dollars.

There were also a solid chunk of boardgame deals on offer, along with plenty of great deals for non-gaming related products.

Amazon will also be running lightning deals on the day, which offer massive discounts on certain products. You’ll want to be fast, because these deals have limited stock and are only available for a limited time. So once they sell out or the clock hits zero, they’re gone.

The lightning deals during Prime Day last year included The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing: New Horizons for only $49 each.

Will there be PS5 and Xbox deals on Prime Day?

There were no Prime Day deals for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S last year, as these consoles hadn’t been released yet.

Considering how little restock there’ been for this new generation of consoles in Australia, it seems unlikely we’ll see Amazon Prime Day sales for the disc and digital editions of the PS5. The same can be said for the Xbox Series X and S.

However, it’s probably not a stretch to suggest we’ll see a few deals related to games or accessories, like controllers and charging docks.

We’ll be updating this article when we have more information about Prime Day. In the meantime, if you’re hungry for a bargain, you can check out Amazon’s daily deals page or Kotaku’s frequently updated list gaming deals.

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