Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Gameplay Preview & Changes

In this Elder Scrolls Online article we’re going to be going over the changes with upcoming new Chapter: Greymoor. We’ll show you what’s new, what’s relatively the same and what you can expect from Greymoor which will be launching later this year in June. Sit back, relax and get warm because we’re headed to the Dark Heart of Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Gameplay Preview & Changes

The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor takes place in the western half of Skyrim and players will see famous cities like Solitude with its iconic Windmill, but there’s a twist. The events of the Chapter will take place a full 1000 years before Bethesda’s version of Skyrim, so players will likely recognize some places and locales but they won’t look entirely the same. Not only will this give the Zenimax freedom to operate within the space of Skyrim with their own artistic vision, but it’ll give players a reason to look closely at the game world and notice what has changed and what remains relatively the same.

Since Skyrim is home to the Nords players can should expect a similar experience to that of Elyswer, only darker and more Nordic themed. The new Chapter will feature Harrowstorm, Vampires, Werewolves and Witches, and players will have to resolve the politics of the region, which will be vastly different than what they were in Skyrim as we’ve all played.

Additionally, some characters will be returning to guide you on your 30 hour journey through Greymoor, most notably Lyris Titanborne, the Nordic legend who plays a large roll in the main questline of the base game. She is half Nord, half Giant and is a powerful warrior who will help you defeat the dark forces at work inside Greymoor and ultimately save the city of Solitude.

In this new adventure come new changes to the game such as Antiquites, Mythic Items, a new Trial called Kyne’s Aegis, and of course a new Skill Line and Skill Line overhauls, including the Vampire Skill Line. Let’s begin with Antiquities since these are the new addition to the game.

Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Antiquities

Antiquities are a new sort of activity for players to do in Greymoor that send players on a treasure hunt of sorts. The way this works is that players will find these items in various qualities by looting containers or as quest rewards and they must Scry the puzzle in order to give them clues on where to search. Players can solve these puzzles in different ways, with the most optimal outcome revealing only one location on the map where they might find their loot. However, if players solve the puzzle in a less than optimal manner, there will be multiple locations they must search, and some of these are dead end leads. Since these locations will be randomized per player, there is no way to know which is the right location, so if you want to save time you’ll get good at these puzzles real fast.

Players will look for dirt mounds in the area or areas revealed on their map and when they find them they will again solve a mini game (a different one) to reveal a chest with rewards ranging from cosmetics, to mounts and even the new Mythic Items, which leads us to our next section.

Elder Scrolls Onlin Greymoor Mythic Items

Mythic Items are a new powerful addition coming to the Elder Scrolls Online with the Greymoor chapter and they use an intriguing Kiss/Curse system that provides the player with amazing benefits in exchange for taking a penalty in other areas. For instance there are boots you can acquire that make it so that you cannot be rooted or snared, but in exchange for this awesomeness you cannot Sprint. This will allow for new powerful Builds that revolve entirely around these items, and should motivate players to do the Antiquities activity, since there is no other means of obtaining these. Though, we do not know if they are Bind on Equip or Bind on Pickup. Just how many of these items there are in the game is unknown, but players have a higher chance of gaining them if they do higher quality Antiquities, and these items should be tradeable.

Vampire Skill Line Overhaul in Greymoor

Another big change, and one many players have been clamoring for over the years is an updated Vampire Skill Line, and nearly all of the skills, both active and passive, have been reworked. What’s particularly interesting about this overhaul is that you play quite differently now as a Vampire, and instead of just using some skills in your rotation, you are actually rewarded at higher stages of Vampirism for using Vampire Skills. Additionally, your non-Vampire Skills will cost more at Stage 4 Vampirism. This means Vampires will likely play in a more similar manner to Werewolves, since they can spam Vampire Skills for relatively cheap, they just have more flexibility since they can use other Skills as well.

The new ultimate Blood Scion replaces Bat Swarm, and is now a transformation skill, similar to the Bone Goliath of the Necromancer Class. Once activated you’ll become a vampire lord of night, instantly healing all damage previously taken, increasing both max Health and Magicka. You can also heal by dealing damage to enemies, AND you can see through walls which has huge implications in PvP. As if their weren’t enough Vamps in Cyrodiil, I fully expect there to be even more now.

Players are probably freaking out thinking “oh no! What have you done to my Bat Swarm!!”. However, the morph Bat Scion provides the same effect as Bat Swarm while you are transformed, so is even more powerful. The difference is of course that it costs much more Ultimate to use, so you won’t get to use it quite as often.

  • Eviscerate is your go to damage skill, that deals more damage based on your missing health.
  • Blood Frenzy is a new DOT ability on yourself, an once toggled on you’ll lose some HP every second, in return you’ll gain increased weapon and spell damage. This makes this a high risk high reward skill, and favors those that are very offensive like Nightblades from Stealth…
  • Vampiric Drain is your go to heal that basically sucks the life out from your enemies, and can be used to regain Ultimate or Magicka. It replaces Drain Essence and no longer has any CC associated with it.
  • Mesmerize is your AOE cc that charms enemies leaving them Stunned, which is extremely powerful and is now one of the best CCs in the game, especially for a tank who can CC all enemies around him/her. This will become a must have for every tank build in the game.
  • Mist Form which is more or less the same as before, however a new morph has been added that deals damage around you and heals you for the damage done, which is like a mini Bat Swarm of sorts. I’m sure this will be abused to hell in PvP…I can’t wait!

In addition, both Vampire and Werewolf skill line is now updated with the Justice system. That means using or casting some if not all of the skills under these two skill line is now considered as a criminal act. Any Vampire / Werewolf skills or abilities marked with CRIMINAL ACT is now considered a major crime, onlookers might panic on the sight and will alert the guards around. You can see what these are in your Skill list or on the Wiki.

Scrying Skill Line in Greymoor

A new Skill Line will be added with Greymoor called “Scrying” which falls under the World Skills category. This Skill Line is entirely dedicated to making the resolving of Antiquities easier by giving you passives that help you reach optimal results when Scrying. Experience is gained in this quest line by Scrying Antiquities, so players are encouraged to do many which will make them easier and easier. There are no skills that help outside of Scrying, unless you count Keen Eye: Treasure Chests, which simply helps you locate chests easier.

Kyne’s Aegis, Greymoor’s New Trial

With the new Chapter will of course be a new Trial and for Greymoor that Trial is Kyne’s Aegis, which is more or less the same size as Sunspire. This twelve man instance will feature new Bosses, each with their own challenge modes. In terms of the theme of the Trial, not much is known currently, but it should include Giants and Vampires.

Stay tuned for more Greymoor updates as we approach release in June, as there are many more things to discuss such as Class balancing and of course the new Sets that’ll be appearing. Be sure to check out the ESO Wiki if you need help with the game, or stop by Twitch or Discord and ask us directly for help with the game!


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