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Fortnite creative codes open up so much more then just some cheap Minecraft knock-offs. With new biomes, structures, creative tools, and Fortnite island codes releasing every few days, Creative is far more than a diverse bucket of blocks—it’s a block-filled sandbox with endless hours of potential fun. 

We have a lot of cool Fortnite Creative codes lined up for you, each leading to a builder’s masterwork. They’re the kinds of creations we once dreamed about building out of Lego bricks. But let’s be real: When you want to build big, Lego’s for the rich. In Fortnite, we can build our blocky models of the Millennium Falcon for free.

Plenty of talented creators have earned Epic’s blessing to have their creations shared and played by anyone, so long as you know the Fortnite Creative codes required to head to their islands. We’ve sifted through the growing collection of cool stuff for easy reference here, so keep tabs on this page for regular updates. Here are our current favorites. Don’t forget we also have our favorite Fortnite horror map codes for the Halloween season.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to load an island, head into Fortnite Creative, walk up to a featured rift, and hold down the ‘Use’ key to bring up the code menu. Pop it in, let the island load, then walk into the rift to begin. 

The best Fortnite creative codes right now

  • MakaMakes’ Mini BR Solo City – 8566-1472-7195
  • Fall Guys Fortnite – 3958-4575-1075
  • Dead by Fortlight – 8099-5981-3796
  • Junkyard Juke – 1113-6823-4725
  • X-Run by X-Labo – 8660-5683-2097
  • Snipers vs. Runners – 7352-4203-8482
  • Minas Tirith – 1048-3487-4391
  • Counter-Strike Dust 2 Map – 9908-4675-7557

February 2021 Creative Codes

Defend the King – 7860-3454-9163
A really solid tower defense team match set on a lava-ridden mountain of dragon skeletons. Metal! Speaking of metal, there’s a ton of item and crafting resources available, encouraging each team’s king to stay involved in the action and invest in upgrades for their team.

Season 6 Spire – KOTH – 0674-3630-6649
The centerpiece of season 6 is the towering Spire, an architectural feat from god-knows-what dimension. The surrounding town also provides for some solid looting. This KOTH map challenges you to take the top of the spire with any loot you can snatch, and given that it’s a recreation of an actual Fortnite POI, the map layout is well-designed from the get go.

The Hungry Traveler – Infection – 6297-6676-9204
Hop aboard a shockingly huge airplane with numerous layers. One player, the Hungry, races to infect other players, who then in turn swarm any remaining survivors. Survivors must run out the clock while Hungry must eliminate all players. I really dig just how multi-layered this plane is, with countless corners to hide in or flee through.

Squatingdog’s Proxyball – 8640-6691-2975
The perfect blend of high-flying launchpads and geometry-based murder. Two teams grab a bunch of proximity grenade launchers and try to blast each other using all the crazy angles and holographic walls of this inventive arena.

Fox Clan Zone Wars – 6130-6579-9491
A fun zone wars map with lots of verticality, a few good hiding spots, and a clean look that apes the ancient Asia aesthetic of the Fox Clan in the Fortnite universe.

Endless Reality – 8203-5239-7828
This adventure calls itself “possibly the longest” map in Fortnite, and I don’t know about that, but it’s a really well-designed trek through spooky towers, lush beaches, and more. If you dig environmental puzzles, this one will tickle those tastebuds.

Mall Mania Update – 1896-0780-3687
A fan favorite point capture map, set in a bright and shiny mall. Remember those? You used to be able to play Time Crisis while waiting for your prom suit to get fitted. Teams can select one of several classes and duke it out, weaving through clothing stores and food courts to get the edge.

U.S.S. Enterprise Battle – 3449-9341-0107
This three-stage team deathmatch takes you from the massive exterior of the iconic Star Trek ship into the tight interior for close quarters encounters. In space, we’re all red shirts.

Shanghai Nights Deathmatch – 6436-9253-5847
I love this deathmatch map for its simple, multi-layered layout. It really helps sell the feeling you’re slinking through a dense neon city, snatching kills from unseen corners and duking it out for vertical dominance.

Astroworld: Gun Game – 6245-6940-8753
Astroworld: One Shot – 7780-7625-3160

Travis Scott’s Astroworld performance in Fortnite took the world by storm, what with the whole kaiju-sized hip-hop artist and such, and now you can duel it out on the giant carnival planet that featured during the show. Low gravity makes getting around the caffeine nightmare a breeze.

Minas Morgul hub – 1987-8912-9095
Okay, it’s just a hub, but what a hub. Creator Kiiwiit3 has been recreating iconic Lord of the Rings locations in Fortnite for a while now, and it’s always a treat to see what they can pull off. This piece of art beautifully recreates the putrid green light, the jagged jutting walls, and even a few smart nods to other LOTR characters like Shelob.

Nvidia Laptop Snipers vs. Runners – 9346-0375-1086
It’s the classic snipers vs. runners format, but in a map built to look like Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 Series laptop. Graphics so real, you’ll practically feel the sniper bullet piercing your banana/llama avatar.

Bounty: Open World FFA – 4313-6966-0814
Using Fortnite season 5’s new bounty mechanic, you’ll hunt down other players while trying to avoid your own hunter. It’s all set in a destroyed desert-ridden city, and the fog effects really help keep the hunt feeling tense when you can possibly lose your pursuer in the haze…or hide yourself before the kill.

Rust (Call of Duty) Shotgun & Sniper FFA – 9204-8679-6270
Remaking COD maps in Fortnite is a popular thing to do, but I struggle to think of a map that more accurately recreates the exact, punishing layout of its source material than this. All the right corners and lanes you remember are there, and players brave enough to climb that vent are rewarded with a mythic sniper rifle.

Halt the Dragon’s Annihilation – 8758-3960-4621
If you love giant Zelda-esque adventures, this is easily one of the most impressive maps I’ve ever seen. Your home is destroyed by a giant dragon, which also threatens to destroy a kingdom of dwarves. You’ll help them fulfill tasks to get all the tools to defeat the Dragon, which constantly looms over town.

Nostromo – 2332-8471-0823 (Exterior) 9345-9243-4697 (Interior)
YouTuber Mustard Plays is celebrating the release of the xenomorph skin with an in-game recreation of the Nostromo, the ship that heroine Ripley finds herself struggling for survival on in the original film. Mustard built both a great exterior you can float around and ogle, as well as a dimly lit interior that lets you visit all the outer space workplace locations you remember, like the Nostromo lunch room or the “MOTHER” control room.

Rivendell Deathmatch – 9573-2939-5408
The Lord of the Rings films introduced us to some of the most beautiful fantasy locales in history, and chief among them is the elven city of Rivendell. This gorgeous map recreates the cliffside oasis, complete with white archways, luxurious gathering rooms, and probably some lembas bread.

Fortcraft Gun Game – 3423-7109-4953
A Fortnite and Minecraft crossover is pretty popular territory for Creative Mode users, and this gun game map keeps it simple, yet appealing with that classic voxel aesthetic. The overworld is littered with sheep and Creepers, while portals will send you to the underworld.

The Passage FFA Deathmatch – 9002-3430-3141
How appropriate, what with Fortnite just releasing a skin based on Tron, that we’d get this red vs. blue neon arena. You won’t be riding light cycles, but you will be picking one of six loadouts and duking it out in a fun, multi-layered map with lots of unique little hiding spaces.

Llama Siege: Skyscraper
Another in the line of Rainbow Six Siege riffs, this map does a decent job of getting the basic layout of that game’s Skyscraper map (to my newbie knowledge) and pitting two teams against one another. The attacking team can even transform into tiny camera bots to survey the area before jumping in, and rappel down the side of the building.

Twin Peaks One Shot – 2404-1136-3372
A dense and winding map that’s sure to spark a few awesome sniper fights. A deep ravine lets you circle around enemies while a tall peak lets you survey the land.

LOTR: Esgaroth – 1873-9855-8361
So the Hobbit movies may have been a disappointment, but I’ve got to admit that anything having to do with Smaug was pretty rad. That includes the semi-climactic destruction of Esgaroth, the lake town near the Lonely Mountain. This map recreates the central waterway into a sort-of-point capture map, where you’re tasked with taking out 10 enemy installations while defending your own. If you like giant log buildings roaring with fire and chaos, you can’t go wrong here.

Maka Makes’ Super Bowl Stadium (Codes Below)
Maka is one of Fortnite Creative’s best designers – so much that he’s gotten deals with major companies to create maps for major events like the Super Bowl. This huge, highly detailed, and incredibly imaginative map blends pirate ships with waterfalls to make the classiest football field you’ve ever seen. Even better, there’s five mini-games you can play with friends.

Stadium Scramble: 5926-8650-7282
Coverage contest: 4673-6103-0680
Blitz course: 7004-2968-8491
Rush track: 0027-5143-8725
Shipwreck showdown: 5584-5652-5688

Pancake vs. Waffles – 2503-5483-2948
It’s a good ol’ fashioned wild west family feud. Two teams duke it out in a one-horse town, and locations contain specific guns. So you’ll be racing to gain advantage in firepower and positioning.

Mos Eisley Gun Game – 1337-8980-5503
A fairly basic map, but charming if you’re a Star Wars lover. The mostly flat layout makes each gun game encounter feel a bit more like a wild west shootout than a wild frenzy. Peep the Slave I ship in the sky.

January 2021 Creative Codes

OVERTIME: Firefighter – 9586-7818-6104
You and three friends must don your firefighter hats to, what else, fight fires across four fun locations in a city seemingly besieged by random flames. Basically, you’ll run around throwing Chug bottles at rapidly growing fires, trying to maintain a certain level of control, or rescue someone before they’re consumed. You’ll definitely need friends for this one since it’s basically impossible alone.

Infernal Gun Game (Update) – 4078-4302-7748
An update of an older map, this gun game arena provides plenty of tight turns and hidden corridors that’ll make any combat encounter one to remember. Also, the portals are giant gaping chasms of alien teeth and flesh, and I just love that stuff.

Deadpool Yacht Gun Game – 2677-6600-4527
This map recreates season 2’s Deadpool Yacht in impressive detail. The winding hallways and multiple floors make for a great gun game map, offering up plenty of opportunities for ambushes and tense close-range fire fights. I love the little cat doors you have to crouch through that lead to what I assume is the play room of Kit, Meowscles son.

The Underworld Gun Game – 5719-7469-6732
Gun game is always a popular mode, so it all comes down to maps to make the difference. This dark subterranean arena mixes elements of gothic Doom architecture with wonderful lighting, or a lack thereof.

Titans: Rebirth – 1254-0562-2361
The Titans mode lets about 15 players choose from an impressively varied list of loadouts based on popular Fortnite characters, and then duke it out on a tight map that’s quickly being consumed by the storm. Will you go jetpack and landmines, stealthy rift portals, rocket launchers galore, or one of the other options?

Soccer Tournament – 9012-6909-9710
Hey, Epic owns Rocket League these days, so why not imitate it in Fortnite? This tight map does its best to mimic the layout of your average Rocket League arena, including speed boost pads and launch pads along the walls to keep the ball rolling. Even better, you can cram four teams into a bracket challenge.

Zaneth Part 3 | 7177-3928-2938
The Zaneth series is one of the best fully fledged narrative adventures in Fortnite’s creative mode. Part 3, which I guess is the final part, sees you jaunting through an island full of monsters and ancient evils. You’ll encounter a number of solid puzzles, but for me, the real draw is seeing how Spazy64 uses Fortnite’s tools to tell a coherent story.

Giant Gifts | 3837-4047-8371
A masterfully designed honey-I-shrunk-the-kids home with lots of Christmas flair. With everything being giant-sized, it makes for a great setup for hide-and-seek games, like hiding behind a fireplace or in a choo-choo train under the tree.

360 Snipers vs. Runners | 8211-7200-6960
It’s the classic snipers vs. runners format, where one side must navigate an obstacle course and the other must blast them from afar, with a circular twist. Runners must navigate an evolving circle of colorfully designed walls and ramps, and snipers must contend with constantly having to switch up their angle of attack. It’s the simple changes that often make the biggest impact.

Futuristic City Chaos Gungame | 1305-7325-6391
A solid gungame format mixed with a brightly lit neon city. It’s not quite Night City, but there’s extra-long sightlines and plenty of cars to blow up that’ll make you love dodging flying grenades.

Walking Dead Zombies | 4815-5387-2781
Much like Call of Duty’s zombie mode, you’ll defend against waves of undead. In between rounds, you can spend points to unlock a bunch of stuff. The best part is you’re in the huge farmhouse from The Walking Dead’s second season, complete with folksy home fixings.

Aether | 9328-9988-6647
A densely interweaving gun game map where your weapon rarity actually decreases with each kill. Capture points pop up every once in a while to encourage players to gather in the same space. I love the way this map blends natural rock and moss formations with dilapidated tech, lending a very pleasing post-post-apocalypse vibe to it all.

Minecraft 1v1 | 2544-4056-6706
Not quite a box fight, but definitely features the most famous boxes in video gaming: Minecraft blocks. You and a competitor will start off in the center of the map, race to grab an assortment of weapons, and then duke it out. You can make a tactical retreat to classic Minecraft areas, like — get this — a mine.

December Creative Codes

Less Buggy Than the Real Thing

Cybernite 2 | 5959-5776-7711
A significantly less buggy experience than the real Cyberpunk. Explore an impeccably designed bit of neon city streets trying to solve some puzzles, help out a few citizens, and avoid the watchful eyes of killer corpo bots.

Snowball Oneshot | 9252-5527-1967
The classic oneshot deathmatch formula, but set on an icy lake littered with massive snowballs that do splash damage. Who doesn’t love a little Yuletide sniping?


Dojo Domination – 6691-1303-6550
A really beautiful dojo map with multiple buildings, some genuinely creative stonework, and enough interesting routes around the map to make capturing each point a thrill. Even better, each player picks a different loadout mirrored by the other team, and I’m always a sucker for smoke grenades.

Steampunk Zone Wars – 1524-7733-6910
There’s a fascinating side of Fortnite Creative where people manage to make normal-sized props into gigantic Honey I Shrunk the Kids landscapes. This kind of feels like that, super-sizing a number of things to give you the sense of being surrounded by larger-than-life machinery, including a giant quadripedal beast reminiscent of Howl’s Moving Castle. Truly striking stuff.

First-Person Gun Swap – 4048-7707-5260
One of the better first-person shooting experiences I’ve found in Fortnite. This dense and tightly wound arena wraps around a vault and provides a few surprising ways to get around your enemies, including hidey holes and vent shafts. The fact that weapons swap every 30 seconds just keeps things fresh.

It’s Another Mini BR! – 1730-6698-2927
Everybody loves a good biome, and this mini battle royale map has several of them, including icy tundras, dry deserts, ghoulish fortresses, and a dense campground forest. It’s a little flat, like a lot of custom maps are forced to be, but I appreciate the diversity on display, and you’ll have some good rounds with friends here. Even better, when I explored the map it felt like loot was plentiful, meaning everyone should have a fair shot at winning.

Phasmophobia – 1621-6784-4798
There’s no shortage of “_______ but Fortnite” creations, and this remake of Phasmophobia’s Tanglewood House definitely nails the original’s spooky multiplayer vibes. A ton of flickering lights, ghostly apparitions, and clues all lead your team to investigate and guess which type of spirit you’re truly dealing with. You know, I once saw a real jerk on Twitter (how unusual) who said you shouldn’t include your Minecraft levels in a job application. That guy is an idiot, and stuff like this is why. It’s a meaningful example of making something cool in a new set of tools and making it into a functioning system that elicits genuine feelings.

Gun game – Crazy Carnevil – 5763-3850-2682
Young me has a lot of fond memories of blasting evil clowns in CarnEvil, and while this Fortnite map isn’t a rail shooter, it gives off plenty of spooky fair vibes. Even better, with low gravity and some well-placed bumpers, you can go skyrocketing to other floating platforms in the distance to gain the advantage. Eat it, Ludwig von Tokkentakker.

The Parable of Jonesy – 3417-6117-5923
We here at PC Gamer love us some Stanley Parable, with its hilariously omniscient narrator and ability to surprise us with reality-bending player choices, like some sort of Muppet caper gone wrong. This map rebuilds the basic concept of the Stanley Parable and puts a fresh Fortnite twist on it, resulting in eight possible endings.

X-Run by X-Labo – 8660-5683-2097
Normally I’d throw a deathrun on our dedicated deathrun code list, but this map from the incredible X-Labo group is so artistically fascinating (and a genuine thrill to play) that it has to go on our overall creative code list. The cyberpunk metropolis aesthetic is perfect for X-Labo’s sense of design, with flying ships perched mid-air, towering skyscrapers surrounding you on all sides, and some genuinely inventive deathrun loops that will certainly frustrate you, but never unfairly. Stick around for the neat credits sequence at the end.

The Pit Zone Wars – 2534-1301-2113
Leave it to a battle royale game to make combat arenas that look like they’re right out of… Battle Royale, or Hunger Games for the YA crowd. This tightly designed circle pit starts every contender at the edge of the circle, with launch pads further in and a tranquil pond at the center. Spy the tower in the center for some opportunities to snipe.

U.A.E. Traitor-Free Space Initiative (AKA Among Us) – 1346-8877-7603
Another installment in Among Us-inspired maps, you’ll work with other players to sus out who is the “mimic.” There’s all the usual Among Us tropes, including a simple map and vents for the imposter to crawl through.

Mystic Mayhem Royale – 0980-2695-9956
A branded partnership between Fortnite and Samsung, this mini-battle royale map mixes Wild West aesthetic with little touches of modernism for a fun blend of POIs. I enjoyed how deep the map goes, often into small crevices and canyons, resulting in sudden, tense fights at heights (or depths) the main battle royale map doesn’t often present. As of October 9, 2020, the map is in the featured matchmaking area, so you can play with randos, but the code above can be used after that cycles out.

Freaky Flights V2 – 4839-4130-3813
If you miss Fortnite’s planes as much as I do, this new mode will fill that propeller-shaped void in your heart. Two teams face off across two war ships filled with flyable planes, legendary weapons, and turrets. If for some reason you need to bail on your plane, there’s a couple dozen cargo containers floating in the water to let you exact some vengeance on your aerial archnemeses. 

Marco Polo in Venice: Hide and Seek – 6263-5818-8225
A fun hide and seek map with a clever twist. One player acts as Marco Polo/the hider, while other players search every nook and cranny for them. Every minute, the Marco player emotes to give players a hint as to where they’re at. The map itself is dense and fun to explore, with countless little areas to comb through.

Storm Simulator One-Shot – 1621-7413-2076
Swirl around a giant tornado right out of the Wizard of Oz, all while grappling and shooting your way to victory. Try landing on a giant bed or radio tower to get some solid footing, or 360-no-scope your enemy into oblivion while flying through the air.

More great Creative Codes

Other Fortnite Creative Codes

  • Dollhouse Snipers vs. Runners  2301-1112-2208
  • Titans – 9464-5951-7419 
  • Tidal Wave Prop Hunt – 8312-0054-3731 
  • World War Deathmatch – 0324-4789-8618 
  • Spy Tycoon – 4730-5857-9174 
  • MakaMakes’ Mini BR Solo City – 8566-1472-7195 
  • Goldeneye Temple – 4396-1463-7998 
  • Bamboo Forest Gun Game – 2521-2490-2406 
  • Golden Gate Bridge Zone Rush – 9312-1947-3701 
  • The Vault – Gunfight – 6463-5005-6823 
  • Grid Run – 0880-7742-8581 
  • Aqua Drift Race – 4484-4147-7979 
  • MakaMakes’s Oasis – 3990-0084-4116 
  • Bikini Bottom Gun Game – 3300-7669-9591 
  • Inception Zone Wars – 1012-0492-6062 
  • Galaxy Flint Wars – 6064-0690-4416 
  • Trials of Zaneth – 9078-3524-9057 
  • Time Twist – Gun Game – 5918-7034-6151 
  • Futuristic Factory – Gun Game – 8443-3453-8209 
  • Rainbow Six Siege House Map Recreation – 9315-3255-7086
  • Gun Game – Vacant – 3939-0057-1674
  • This ridiculous castle – 6581-3124-9021
  • The Avengers Helicarrier – 9763-8388-5095
  • Silhouette Prop Hunt – 5176-4146-5073
  • Complete Destruction Royale – 8000-8899-6833
  • A Damn Star Destroyer – 1653-9066-2637
  • The Neighbor Remastered – 1675-1520-8935
  • An Entire Dang Airport – 6037-9905-6392
  • 10Kill Sniper – 0377-1286-7849
  • Fortnite Outlast Recreation – 8752-7425-3922
  • Overwatch Black Forest Map – Gun Fight – 9546-5724-7030
  • Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 by Team Evolve – Random Teams: 9908-4675-7557 Custom Teams: 8784-9694-5171
  • Miniature Paris – 7593-6430-3199
  • Rainbow Six Siege Yacht Map Bomb Hunt – 2996-9373-3174
  • Minas Tirith From The Lord of the Rings – 1048-3487-4391
  • Illusion Hotel: Gun Game – 4849-7779-3845
  • The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela – 6359-5458-5318
  • Paradise Highway Prop Hunt – 8782-6603-2109
  • One Shot Switch: Trickshot Arena – 1001-7293-0182
  • The house from Parasite – 4221-6398-3543
  • Pocket Racers: Modern House – 3683-4531-3616
  • Fall Guys Fortnite (but better) – 3958-4574-1075
  • Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky – 0130-7403-6429
  • The Creekwood Tracks – 0043-5459-2704
  • AMD’s Battle Arena (by MakaMakes) – 8651-9841-1639
  • Super Mario Sunshine’s Delfino Plaza – 6892-7135-6628
  • Endless Dunes – 0433-5352-8915
  • Fortnite Kart – 7340-1511-8471
  • Nvidia’s ray tracing treasure hunt – 9189-0518-5408
  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque – 0796-9126-3250
  • A Hobbit Hole – 2341-0879-7382
  • Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley – 7666-3772-4703
  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque – 0796-9126-3250


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