GTA 5 Roleplaying Was Not Ready For Naruto vs. Sasuke

GTA 5 role-playing is an incredible ecosystem. But with great power comes great responsibility — or great trolling, as this Naruto remake shows.

The whole thing was roleplayed by GTA streamer Burn, the same streamer behind the excellent GTA roleplaying of Johnny Silverhand. Burn has been roleplaying as Keanu Reeves’ Cyberpunk 2077 character for a while, buoyed by the resurgence of interest in GTA roleplaying lately.

It all plays out on No Pixel 3.0, the latest version of the exclusive GTA roleplaying server hosting to some of Twitch’s biggest stars. And Burn’s stream yesterday started out like most of his Johnny Silverhand adventures, hamming up the Keanu Reeves accent, T-posing on bicycles, convincing others to take down Arasaka scumbags, and trolling other roleplayers with “Deez Nuts” phone calls.

But a few hours in, the character changed.

“Let’s see if we can go fight Naruto Uzumaki,” the streamer said. And since it’s No Pixel 3.0, Sasuke Johnson was born.

Image: Twitch

After about an hour of customisation, which included tweaking to get the Naruto run down, a reverb voiceover, and customising the HUD for that letterbox cinematic effect, Sasuke Johnson began the hunt.

Using the in-built messaging system in GTA, Burn’s new character put out the call. If Naruto was there, they needed to fight. Within minutes, GTA Naruto and GTA Sasuke Johnson finally met up. It wasn’t without multiple hilarious interruptions, like an apartment guard asking if Sasuke Johnson was in distress.

“I have curse marks given to me by Uchiha Madara,” Burn’s Sasuke replied.

“You sound like you’re speaking through a tin can that’s taped to the inside of your mouth,” the guard said. And sure, while this wasn’t actual Naruto, that didn’t stop the fake Sasuke from running circles around the hapless GTA roleplayer.

Fucking with the hapless security guard — and the hilarious confusion that ensued when police showed up — is some of the best entertainment on Twitch right now. But that was only the warmup: Sasuke Johnson still had to fight Naruto, after all.

After police eventually let Sasuke go on condition he speak to an in-game therapist — “You sound like you have a lot of childhood drama to deal with, son” — the two anime stars were eventually reunited.

In front of the hapless apartment guard, who still had no idea what was going on.

The two eventually hitched a lift to the GTA equivalent of Valley of the End, where they could finally re-enact the fight everyone had been waiting hours for.

The incredibly derpy sequence was backended by classic Naruto fight music and effects, although Twitch has since been muted most of that in the saved video. It hasn’t muted the audio available in the clips, however, which helps save the improv jankiness of it all.

True to fashion, Naruto walked away from the fight as the proper “winner”, even though Sasuke Johnson was just straight up shanking the soon-to-be Hokage by the end. But it wasn’t all a failure: by the time Burn’s recreation had respawned, Sasuke Johnson had a new ally in the fight against the Akatsuki: the apartment security guard.

That said, some of the Naruto lingo hadn’t quite sunk in.

“How do we know we’re not under a genjutsu,” Sasuke Johnson asked.

“It’s entirely possible we’re under a Genji from Overwatch but we’re about to find out,” the officer replied.

If you could use some of GTA‘s best improv right now, you can rewatch the whole stream from Sasuke Johnson’s creation here.


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