Every WoW Classic server: How to pick the realm for you WoW Classic servers

Looking for the best WoW Classic server? With the news that Burning Crusade Classic is due for release—re-release?—sometime this year, you may be keen to jump into Blizzard’s vintage MMO to get prepared ahead of time. There are plenty of WoW Classic servers to choose from but which one you choose will depend entirely on how you like to play the game. 

PvE servers, for example, require you to toggle on PvP if you want to fight the opposing faction, whereas on a PvP server you’re under that constant threat when venturing into contested areas. If you’re heavily into class fantasy and want to concentrate on the story aspect of World of Warcraft, an RP server might be more to your taste.

So if you’re ready to step into Azeroth but you’re not sure which realm to choose, this list covers every WoW Classic server in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania.

WoW Classic normal servers (PvE)

On these WoW classic servers, you have to manually flag yourself for PvP to fight other players. Choose one of these if you don’t want to get ganked while you’re going about your business.


Name Type Time Zone
Ashkandi Normal (PvE) Eastern
Atiesh Normal (PvE) Pacific
Azuresong Normal (PvE) Pacific
Mankrik Normal (PvE) Eastern
Myzrael Normal (PvE) Pacific
Old Blanchy Normal (PvE) Pacific
Pagle Normal (PvE) Eastern
Westfall Normal (PvE) Eastern
Windseeker Normal (PvE) Eastern


Name Type Locale
Mirage Raceway Normal (PvE) United Kingdom
Nethergarde Keep Normal (PvE) United Kingdom
Pyrewood Village Normal (PvE) United Kingdom
Auberdine Normal (PvE) France
Everlook Normal (PvE) Germany
Razorfen Normal (PvE) Germany
Lakeshire Normal (PvE) Germany
Хроми (Chromie) Normal (PvE) Russia


Name Type Time Zone
Remulos Normal (PvE) Australian Eastern Time


Name Type Locale
Shimmering Flats Normal (PvE) Korea
Maraudon Normal (PvE) Taiwan

WoW Classic PvP servers

In PvP servers, you’re automatically flagged for PvP anytime you enter contested or enemy territory, where you’ll spend most of your time after early levels. Pick these servers if you want to fight other players often or like the omnipresent threat of PvP combat.


Name Type Time Zone
Anathema PvP Pacific
Bigglesworth PvP Pacific
Benediction PvP Eastern
Blaumeux PvP Pacific
Faerlina PvP Eastern
Fairbanks PvP Pacific
Herod PvP Eastern
Incendius PvP Eastern
Kirtonos PvP Eastern
Kurinaxx PvP Pacific
Kromcrush PvP Eastern
Kurinnaxx PvP Eastern
Loatheb PvP Mexico
Netherwind PvP Eastern
Rattlegore PvP Pacific
Skeram PvP Eastern
Smolderweb PvP Pacific
Stalagg PvP Eastern
Sulfuras PvP Eastern
Thalnos PvP Eastern
Thunderfury PvP Pacific
Whitemane PvP Pacific


Name Type Locale
Ashbringer PvP United Kingdom
Bloodfang PvP United Kingdom
Dreadmist PvP United Kingdom
Firemaw PvP United Kingdom
Flamelash PvP United Kingdom
Gandling PvP United Kingdom
Gehennas PvP United Kingdom
Golemagg PvP United Kingdom
Judgement PvP United Kingdom
Mograine PvP United Kingdom
Noggenfogger PvP United Kingdom
Razorgore PvP United Kingdom
Shazzrah PvP United Kingdom
Skullflame PvP United Kingdom
Stonespine PvP United Kingdom
Ten Storms PvP United Kingdom
Amnennar PvP France
Sulfuron PvP France
Finkle PvP France
Lucifron PvP Germany
Venoxis PvP Germany
Patchwerk PvP Germany
Dragon’s Call PvP Germany
Transcendence PvP Germany
Harbinger of Doom PvP Russia
Пламегор (Flamegor) PvP Russia
Змейталак (Wyrmthalak) PvP Russia
Рок-Делар (Rhok’delar) PvP Russia


Name Type Time Zone
Arugal PvP Australian Eastern Time
Felstriker PvP Australian Eastern Time
Yojamba PvP Australian Eastern Time


Name Type Locale
Hillsbrad PvP Korea
Iceblood PvP Korea
Lokholar PvP Korea
Ragnaros PvP Korea
Ivus PvP Taiwan

WoW Classic RP servers

Join a roleplaying server if you love to play in-character. Immerse yourself in the fantasy. These RP servers can also be PvE or PvP focused.


Name Type Time Zone
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Eastern
Deviate Delight RP-PvP Eastern
Grobbulus RP-PvP Pacific


Name Type Locale
Hydraxian Waterlords RP United Kingdom
Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP United Kingdom

The number of servers doesn’t compare to normal World of Warcraft. WoW Classic. Players outside the US and Europe may have a bit more trouble finding a suitable server.

There are no non-English speaking RP servers, so many players will have to fight through a language barrier to enjoy their ideal play style. There’s also no RP servers in the Oceanic region at all, so Australian players will have to deal with European ping.

It’s possible that the server pool will continue to expand based on demand. Make sure you know what server your friends or old guildmates are joining before you pick one yourself.

Which WoW Classic server should you choose?

That’s the million dollar question, ain’t it? Choosing a good server is critical to your long-term enjoyment of WoW Classic, as the only way to change servers is to either start a new character or pay for a character transfer. Before you decide on a type of server, though, it’s also crucial that you pick a server with the lowest population—especially at launch. While playing on a sparsely populated server sucks, WoW Classic’s limited server pool means that many servers are bustling. But if possible refrain from picking any server that are listed at “high” or “full” capacity, as nothing is worse than sitting in a queue for 25 minutes before you can actually play.

Normal servers are best if you just want to have a good time leveling up and doing PvE content. While playing on these servers, PvP is entirely optional. That means you won’t get unexpectedly ganked by high-level players, but this also diminishes the social interaction of WoW. But if you just want to have a good, predictable time, Normal servers are the way to go.

PvP servers are for players that want the true World of Warcraft experience, where danger can lurk around any corner as other players can kill you in most zones without penalty. What’s great about PvP servers is that if you ever tire of questing or grinding, there’s often groups you can join to raid enemy cities or take over bustling crossroads. Opportunities to make friends and have dynamic social interactions abound, so if you’re okay with potentially having to give up questing in a zone because a group of level 60s are camping your body, PvP servers are the way to go.

Roleplaying servers come in both Normal (PvE) and PvP versions. The difference is that, here, players are encouraged to interact as characters in the world. While it might be a bit awkward getting into the groove of roleplaying, RP servers are legendary for their vibrant and tight-knit communities. If social interaction is what you want (this is an MMO, after all), you should give RP servers a chance. Players frequently create their own fun outside of questing and PvP, like hosting parties, mock trials, and all sorts of other fun in-game events.

What servers are WoW Classic streamers playing on?

Many of the biggest WoW streamers reserved their space on Faerlina at launch. Faerlina is a US-East PvP server.


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