eBay has a bunch of Dell and Alienware monitors going cheap Alienware AW3821DW

If you’re in the market for a gaming monitor, specifically a 38-inch ultrawide and curved gaming monitor, you probably won’t have seen better than this: eBay is selling the Alienware AW3821DW for AU$1,598.22, which is a smidgeon over AU$450 cheaper than its RRP. In addition to the 38 inches of curved screen, you’re getting a QHD resolution and 144Hz refresh rate.

As is usually the case with eBay bargains, it’s a slightly complicated affair. if you’re an eBay Plus member you’ll need to use the code PLUSDL22 at checkout for the AU$1,598.22 price. If you’re not an eBay Plus member and have already used your free 30-day trial, you can still get it cheap to the tune of AU$1,639.20 using the code PLLED20.

And the same rule applies for a bunch of other Dell and Alienware screens; read on below.

Alienware 25 AW2521H | AU$662.22 w. eBay Plus, or AU$679.20 (usually AU$849)
Here’s a 25-inch 1080p gaming monitor, which gets a big bump in its price tanks to the supreme 360Hz refresh rate. Boasts 1ms response rate and G-Sync. eBay Plus members can use the code PLUSDL22, everyone else PLLED20.

Alienware 55 AW6620QF OLED monitor | AU$3,353.22 w. eBay Plus, or AU$3,439.20 (usually AU$5,999)
While this discount doesn’t quite throw this huge OLED monitor into impulse buy territory, it’s still a decent bargain. The monitor is already discounted to AU$4,299 on eBay, but eBay Plus members can use the code PLUSDL22 to get it for AU$3,439.20, while the rest of us can use the code PLLED20 for the AU$3,439.20 price.

Dell 27 S2721DGF | AU$471.20 w. eBay Plus, or AU$482.98
Like the OLED above, this 1440p / 165Hz gaming monitor is already discounted from AU$699 down to AU$603.73. For the further discounts listed above in the heading, use PLUSDL22 if you’re an eBay Plus subscriber, or PLLED20 if you’re not.

Dell 27 S2721HGF curved monitor | AU$241.02 w. eBay Plus, or AU$247.20
If you want a curve in a smaller monitor, here’s just the thing: it’s a 27-inch 1080p monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate, FreeSync, and a good ol’ curve. As above: use PLUSDL22 if you’re an eBay Plus subscriber, or PLLED20 if you’re not.


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