Skyrim mod Wyrmstooth returns, years after being deleted A dragon in the Skyrim mod Wyrmstooth

After being taken offline in 2016 when its creator Jonx0r retired from modding, the popular expansion-sized Skyrim mod Wyrmstooth has returned. Jonx0r has uploaded a new version of Wyrmstooth, and apparently returned to the modding scene.

Wyrmstooth adds a fully voiced new questline, set after the events of Skyrim’s main story, in which the Dragonborn is hired to defeat a dragon that is harassing the ships of the East Empire Company. Your job is to assemble a team of mercenary companions and travel to the island of Wyrmstooth, which features a variety of sidequests and a gigantic dungeon. To promote the updated version of the mod, Jonx0r made a trailer using text-to-speech software trained on several of the familiar voices of Skyrim.

It’s worth noting that Wyrmstooth features the voices of actual actors for its characters, which it has over 30 of. It also has a new home—an Imperial fort that can be repaired and expanded—as well as an animal companion recruited via one of its 15 sidequests, new spells, a new dragonshout, and a puzzle that apparently involves possessing a draugr. 

The version of Wyrmstooth compatible with Skyrim Special Edition is on NexusMods and, and the Oldrim version can be found on NexusMods and the Steam Workshop.


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