Torchlight III Introduces New Hero Class Sharpshooter

Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games have announced a new hero class for upcoming Torchlight III called Sharpshooter.

Torchlight III Introduces New Hero Class Sharpshooter

Torchlight III which was rebranded from the original Torchlight Frontiers title, and is now getting a new class called Sharpshooter. This new class added to the Action-RPG mixes careful precision skills with a range weapon, plus magical trinkets, letting you attack enemies from a distance. This latest addition is featured in the current Closed Alpha on Steam and will be available for players worldwide when the game launches later this year on PC.

Sharpshooter has a number of ranged skills including Scatter Shot which deploys bursts of projectiles that deal a cone damage range, and Loyal Shasta which is a spirit wolf that deals weapon damage as well as taunts enemies. You check out the skills below:

  • Scatter Shot – Use your weapon and do a short range, wide cone burst of projectiles, each dealing damage. Holding it down increases the damage.
  • Heart Seeker – Fire a piercing arrow that knocks enemies back and does weapon damage on hit and leaves them bleeding.
  • Targeted Strikes – Fire three piercing shots each dealing weapon damage. Each successive hit to the same target deals extra damage.
  • Scout’s Bones – Summon an ancient rat spirit swam that moves slowly, piercing targets for damage and leaves them poisoned.
  • Sacrifice to Goose – Call down the great spirit of a great eagle you call ‘Goose,’ who knocks back enemies and applies damage vulnerability to them.
  • Loyal Shasta – Summon the spirit of your best friend, Shasta, who deals weapon damage and taunts enemies.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

Torchlight 3 is the spiritual successor of Torchlight and Torchlight 2, and was originally called Torchlight Frontiers, but after community feedback will become the next entry in the Torchlight franchise.

Torchlight 3 will be releasing sometime this year on PC via Steam.

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