Turn defeats into last-gasp wins with these Call of Duty: Warzone tips

Looking for some CoD: Warzone tips and tricks? Infinity Ward’s foray into battle royale has arrived. It has the typical hallmarks of the genre, from a large, 150-strong player count to an ever-decreasing circle of poisonous gas and a cargo plane base jump sending soldiers diving down into the chaos. 

But Warzone is by no means a carbon copy of its predecessors. With the Gulag, mid-game contracts, and more, there’s still a learning curve to handle. So, to help you start turning those frustrating defeats into hard-fought wins, here are my top Call of Duty: Warzone tips.

Call of Duty: Warzone tips and tricks

Destroy enemy armour, and stockpile your own

Armour plates in Warzone are like Fortnite’s blue pots. The additional shield on top of your HP is a useful buffer that can make all the difference, especially given the alarmingly short time-to-kill. Find and apply as many of them as possible as soon as you land: you’ll find it as static loot or in chests. 

Listen closely for a cracking sound if the enemy is landing successful shots on you: it alerts you that you’ve run out of armour and your HP is vulnerable. If you hear it, replenish your plates immediately. This works both ways, so watch out for the blue symbol and the cracking sound when you’re firing at an enemy. Use this opportunity to make an aggressive advance on them now they’re vulnerable.

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Transform your fortunes by calling in custom loadouts

Killstreaks are all well and good, but purchasing loadouts at buy stations is the best use of your money. Loadouts costs $6000, but let you claim the kit you use in multiplayer, instead of scavenging for random gear.

Use loadouts to flesh out your gun attachments, decide whether you want Semtex or frags, and choose the best perks based on your playstyle. Perks like Ghost and Cold Blooded let you dodge thermal sights and UAVs, which can make all the difference when the circle starts to get tight. Design a few loadouts for different situations, like a sniper pack or a beastly LMG build. Just make sure you get your care package delivered to a safe spot.

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Warzone is easier when you work together to amass enough cash to get the edge. The worst thing you can do is keep it all for yourself. Pool your money to unlock important upgrades, killstreaks, and items. 

But the benefits of sharing go beyond cash: hand out physical items with your teammates, too. Pull up the share menu with TAB and you’ll see a list of your available ammo and shields. You can only wear three armour plates, but you can carry five. Keep up with your team’s stocks to find out how you can help if you’ve got spares.

Get back in the game in the Gulag

Arguably Warzone’s most significant departure from the tradition battle royale formula is the chance to redeploy after death. If you die early enough in a match you’re sent to the Gulag, a 1v1 fight to the death with another player. If you win, you’re back in the game. 

Practice by playing the similar close-quarters mode, Gunfight, preferably on the Gulag map. Rounds are quick and brutal, so keep your wits about you and try to get used to as many gun types as possible, as the loadout you’re given is random. You can also paint players in the balcony waiting room with a bright spray so you can see them better in battle and chuck rocks at the enemy from the rafters to help your allies.

Your team can buy you back into the game if you die twice with $4500 at a buy station. If your squad is struggling, that sizeable fee may be something you have to swallow; an extra gun in the clinch of battle could make all of the difference. If you’re playing with randoms, try pinging a buyback station: they may revive you if they’re feeling generous.

Extra tips

  • Use melee to conserve ammo when you down an enemy.
  • Land near a vehicle like a helicopter or a car and peel off to get to an empty part of the map for tons of uncontested loot.
  • Ping everything, from items to enemies and potential loot locations.


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