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It’s often said that your monitor is the window to your PC’s soul. Okay, no one has actually said that because it’s something I literally just made up.  But, to get the most out of your gaming rig, you need the right monitor to showcase top-shelf graphics and speedy gameplay of your powerful rig. 

With the release of new GPUs by AMD and Nvidia earlier this year, the demand for monitors tailored for 4K gaming is rising. Though 1440p/165hz is still the sweet spot for gaming, anyone putting together a high-end build can, finally, for the first time, hit 60+ fps in 4K without needing to take out a line of credit. If you like high refresh rates and were willing to spend a pretty penny, we’ve seen screens go as high as 360Hz, but those tend to be overkill, for now.

The nominees for this category manage to strike a balance between price, performance, and feature set. Something they all have in common? All your games will look amazing. Though the prices do skew higher, your gaming monitor is one of those you really shouldn’t skimp on, especially if you’re investing so much money and time into building a system that’s a graphical powerhouse. The last thing you need is a monitor that’s actually bottlenecking your GPU before your 60Hz panel can’t handle the 100+ FPS we’ve seen on these new GPUs. These monitors are essentially future-proofing yourself for the next couple of years.

Best Gaming Monitors 2020: the nominees

Best Gaming Monitor 2020 nominee

LG Ultragear 27GN950
LG managed to make a display that features its own gorgeous 4K NanoIPS panel, a 144Hz refresh rate, and HDR for only $800. This is a feature list that we’d normally be expecting to cost us well over the $1,000 mark. The panel itself is beautiful, as you’d expect from LG’s own manufacturing capabilities, and is as colourful as you could with. Pair this with one of those fancy new GPUs you managed to snag (or are planning to snag), and high-end 4K gaming is within your reach.  

Best Gaming Monitor 2020 nominee

Acer Predator X38
This massive 37.5-inch curved ultrawide display has a speedy overclocked refresh rate of 175Hz and is one of the best looking 21:9 experiences on the market. It’s also one of the highest resolution ultrawides you’ll find, rocking a 3840 x 1600 native res. That gives you 4K width and a vertical resolution which all makes both gaming and productivity stuff a joy on this stunning screen.  If you’re looking for total immersion for gaming and watching movies, Acer’s X38 is a pricey option but worth every penny. 

Best Gaming Monitor 2020 nominee

Gigabyte G27Q
The G27Q shows us that you don’t need to drain your bank account for a decent IPS 1440p display. At $329, Gigabyte’s 27-incher packs in a lot of features but, more importantly, provides rich color and smooth gameplay. The 144Hz refresh rate doesn’t hurt, either. Whether you use it for work or play, the G27Q excels with a sharp, vibrant and smooth picture. The additional features are genuinely useful and you get a lot for $330. 

Check back on New Year’s Eve where we will unveil the winner of the Best Gaming Monitor of 2020 along with the other victors in the PC Gamer Hardware Awards 2020. In the meantime, you can check out the rest of the best gaming monitors throughout the year right here. 


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