Cash Converters Are Selling PS5 Consoles For $1500 Or More

Getting a PS5 is hard enough as is, and it’s not made any easier when companies are selling consoles for twice the price.

Cash Converters in Australia are offering a staggering “discount” on PS5 consoles for — wait for it — a staggering $1500. The price tag was spotted online by the founder of Aussie indie site Dash Gamer, who was understandably pissed at a physical store selling PS5’s for twice their RRP.

It wasn’t the worst gouging from Cash Converters, though. On their website you can find listings for even higher, like this PS5 that’s discounted down from $2200:

Image: Cash Converters

There was another PS5, also being sold at the Hampsted Gardens store in South Australia for $1500. This one was discounted from $1899.

Image: Cash Converters

It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Fun fact: I literally got an email from my old primary school teacher today asking if I knew when PS5’s would be available in the country. I’ve been chasing up major retailers for weeks trying to get any idea as to when the many, many people who missed out on a PS5 might actually be able to buy one next year.

Getting a PS5 was a right pain in the arse as is. It’s not helped by companies like Cash Converters advertising a PS5 for $1899, almost triple its RRP, as a “discount”.


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