Planeception: This person flew transatlantic in Flight Sim while taking the same flight in real life Rami Ismail playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on a flight.

Game developer Rami Ismail, formerly one half of Vlambeer and general good egg, yesterday decided it was time to go all Inception on Microsoft Flight Simulator's ass. Beginning in probably Canada or the US (he doesn't say where he departed from: I've asked and will update with any response), Ismail set up to fly the same route in-game as his passenger plane was flying in the real world.

Ismail flew across the Atlantic, posting regular updates on a long thread that you can read unrolled here. The account shows just how remarkably close Flight Sim manages to match the real flight: shortly after takeoff Ismail notes the "Clouds entry was seconds apart, climbing out of them was maybe 30-ish seconds difference. Wild."

Ismail's in-game flight lagged around five or six minutes behind real-life at one point, before overtaking and eventually landing in Amsterdam a few minutes ahead. "The sim was about 4 minutes fast. Weather matched, light matched, stars matched. Wild. Absolutely staggering."

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a unique experience, and Ismail's not the first to tease out the game's remarkable recreation of our world through mapping software. How to top this? The next step, surely, is wiring-up MSFS to a real plane, and letting Twitch take the controls.


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