Top RPG News Of The Week: March 22nd (PS5, Gamescom 2020, Trials of Mana and More!)

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Children Of Zodiarcs

  • Developer Cardboard Utopia and publisher Plug In Digital has announced that the story-driven tactical RPG Children of Zodiarcs will be coming to further platforms this March 27th.
  • Both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will be getting the card combat title that puts you in the role of stealing priceless relics with a motley crew of characters. Explore underground catacombs, palace chambers and more.
  • Each playable character comes with their own deck of cards which can be customised for battle.
  • Roll the dice to gain bonuses such as attack, defense, healing and other special ability modifiers.

For more on this new find it here Children Of Zodiarcs Coming To Xbox One And Switch On March 27th.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

  • Capcom has been smashing through milestones, as it was just in January of this year that Monster Hunter World Iceborne, the latest expansion for the online monster hunter title, surpassed the 4 million mark for copies shipped.
  • Just a couple months later the title has now gone past 5 million units shipped according to an article by VGC. The latest figures also include the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition which bundles together the base game and the Iceborne expansion.
  • Iceborne first released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th, then later joined the PC platform on January 9th.
  • If you’re wondering what’s next for Iceborne, recently Capcom has announced the next major addition for Iceborne which provides variant monsters Raging Brachydios and the Furious Rajang. They  arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on March 23rd, while PC players will need to wait until April.
  • However, April will be the start of synced content which was announced with a title update roadmap, meaning both console players and PC players will start to receive the same updates.
  • But that’s not the only Monster Hunter focus for Capcom, an upcoming movie adaptation is on it’s way releasing in September 2020.

For more on this news find it here in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Has Shipped 5 Million Copies.

Deep Sky Derelicts Definitive Edition

  • Deep Sky Derelicts originally launched on Steam Early Access in 2017. Now the rogue-like RPG is coming to more platforms in the form of Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition on March 24th. It will be releasing on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.
  • The title is set in a dystopian future where mankind is now living across the galaxy. As a poor outcast who’s only form of survival is to live off of scraps found on derelict stations in space, you’ve now heard of an alien ship that may be hidden in the Deep Sky sector and maybe your chance for a more comfortable life.
  • Deep Sky Derelicts sets to offer a futuristic comic book art-style, with a fresh take on tun-based combat with cards. There’s plenty of customisation options and a number of ways to put your scavenging team together. The title offers story campaign and arena mode. The definitive edition comes with base game and two DLC packs.

For more on this news find it here in Deep Sky Derelicts Definitive Edition Tactical Rogue-Like RPG Announced For Consoles And PC.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • Square Enix have dropped a multitude of screenshots for upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake which shows off the Wall Market and further locations. We also get to see profiles of character Tseng, Don Corneo and new characters.
  • In terms of new locations Sqenix shares new images of the Wall Market, the red-light district of Midgar. It’s run by Don Corneo, a place full of lawlessness and danger. We also get a closer look at the Honey Be Inn which puts on a nightly show. There’s also the Corneo Colosseum which pits contenders against challengers human and non-human for a chance to win rewards.
  • In terms of new characters there are new screenshots of Aniyan Kunyan owner of the Honey Bee Inn, Leslie Kyle, Madam M and Chocobo Sam have been unveiled.
  • If you want to see all of these plus the descriptions of each you can find them over on

For more on this news find it here in Final Fantasy VII Remake Unveils New Screenshots Of Wall Market Characters And Locations.

Gamescom 2020

  • As we draw closer to another major gaming event on the calendar, many might be questioning whether it is still going ahead due to recent cancellations which include GDC, E3 2020 as well as other major happenings. According to the latest tweet from the official Gamescom twitter account it’s still going ahead, but they are monitoring the situation.
  • Currently Cologne has banned all major events that exceed a 1000 participants from March 10th, continuing to April 10th. Gamescom 2020 is set for the end of August, from August 25th to 29th.
  • Recently Gamescom also released a list of confirmed attendees which include developers and publishers such as CD Projekt Red, Bandai Namco, Microsoft, Bethesda Softworks, Capcom and more.

For more on this news find it here in Gamescom 2020 Is “Continuing As Planned”.

Trials of Mana

  • A brand new trailer was released from Square Enix for upcoming Trials of Mana, which has got a free demo for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch this week. You can pick up the demo from either the Playstation Store or Nintendo eShop.
  • In the demo you will be able to pick from two different characters and two companions from the available playable characters: Duran, Angela, Charlotte, Kevin, Riesz and Hawkeye. The demo also let’s you select a main character prologue, showing their meeting with Faerie and their first companion.
  • Trials of Mana is the remake of the original SNES version which released in Japan in 1995.
  • This remake gives Trials of Mana a new 3D updated look, adding new mechanics, character voice over support a new class, reconstructed levelling system as well as more active battles.

For more on this news find it here in Trials Of Mana Demo Launches March 18th.

Minecraft Dungeons

  • The timeline for the release of upcoming Minecraft Dungeons may face a delay as Mojang have announced they have been impacted by recent events.
  • Now their team are working from home, as a result of this change this could impact the launch. Minecraft Dungeons was given a release window of April 2020 but this could be pushed back.
  • Mojang isn’t the only developer or publisher who have now moved their team to working from home, as companies now try to protect their employees. Mojang says they will keep everyone updated with further developments.
  • This is the first stand-alone game developed by Mojang set in the Minecraft universe since the initial game.

For more on this news you can find it here in Minecraft Dungeons Launch Could Be Delayed.

Playstation 5

  • Sony announced this week that they would be revealing detailed information as the lead system architect Mark Cerny would “deep dive” the inner working of the Playstation 5.
  • This included talking about the load time compared to the PS4. The PS5 load time has a target of loading 5GB in terms of bandwidth, with the target of being instantaneous.
  • This makes for a super fast system with no load times, meaning fast travel is lightning speed and “you’re immediately back in the action when you die”.
  • While an SSD eliminates these load times, Sony’s aim is to give developers absolute freedom, this means developers can create games how they want, without limitations.
  • Cerny also went into the details of how backwards compatibility will work in terms of PS4 and PS5. Sony has already confirmed there will be backwards compatibility with PS4, but no confirmation on previous consoles as of yet which have been rumoured.
  • PS5 will have quite the large expandable space in terms of external harddrive, you will be slot most NVMe SSD cards and USB hard drives will be supported as well.

For more on this news find it here in Playstation 5 Specs Reveals 10 Teraflop GPU And Expandable SSD Slot.

Xbox Game Pass

  • Microsoft have announced 6 new games coming Xbox Game Pass which includes the Action-RPG by Deck13 The Surge 2, upcoming title Bleeding Edge by developer Ninja Theory and more.
  • Coming soon to Xbox Game Pass soon are Bleeding Edge, Kona, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, The Surge 2, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown and Astrologaster.
  • Bleeding Edge is Ninja Theory’s next title to be releasing on March 24th, a 4 vs 4 online multiplayer, coming to Xbox One and PC. PC will be getting Power Rangers, The Surge 2 and Astrologaster. While Xbox One will be receiving the same titles plus Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown this month.

For more on this news find it here in The Surge 2 Among New Titles To Be Coming Soon To Xbox Game Pass.

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