Cyber Monday 2020 in Australia: the best PC gaming deals you can pick up today Black Friday 2020

Where to find Cyber Monday deals…

Amazon – The theory of everything
eBay – One size fits all bargaining
Mwave – Australian PC specialists
Mighty Ape – Diverse AU and NZ retailer
Microsoft – PCs, Laptops, and Games
Dell – Alienware and Dell PCs and laptops

Black Friday is over—long live the Cyber Monday deals!  Whatever you want to call it, the PC gaming deals below are either still going strong from Black Friday, or getting started on Monday's party. We're keeping tabs on everything PC gaming, including prebuilt PCs, monitors, laptops, and more. Expect more deals to continue arriving throughout Monday.

Cyber Monday game deals in Australia

Green Man Gaming Cyber Monday Sale – huge discounts on hundreds of titles
As usual, Green Man Gaming is heavily reducing games as part of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, ranging recent blockbuster titles through to indies. Here are some highlights:

Borderlands 3: Standard Edition – AU$25.53 (usually AU$89.95)
Conan Exiles – AU$23.35 (usually AU$56.95)
Doom Eternal – AU$28.04 (usually AU$99.95)
Red Dead Redemption 2 – AU$54.24 (usually AU$89.95)
NBA 2K21 – AU$38.68 (usually AU$89.95)View Deal

Fanatical Black Friday Sale – flash sales and other discounts
Unlike Steam, Fanatical still have flash sales with limited durations, so it’s worth checking back each 24 hours to see which three games are on deep discount. They’re also giving away a “mystery Steam game” when you spend AU$17 or more. Here are some highlights:

Detroit: Become Human – FLASH SALE AU$39.99 (usually $59.99)
Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- – FLASH SALE AU$10.39 (usually AU$64.95)
Shogun: Total War Collection – AU$3.29 (usually AU$14.99)
Rainbow Six Siege – $6.58 (usually $29.95)
Star Wars Squadrons – AU$29.50 (usually AU$55.99)
Roguelike Bundle – AU$5.99 (usually AU$159.66)View Deal

Humble Black Friday Sale – Humble Choice Subscription
Just one deal at the Humble Store this Black Friday, and it’s 45% off your first year of the Humble Choice Premium Subscription. For that price you get access to their curated selections of games, at least 10 every month, and get to choose nine of them to keep. November’s selection includes Yakuza Kiwami 2, Darksiders 3, and Imperator Rome Deluxe Edition.

Humble Choice Subscription – AU$133.99 (usually AU$269.99)View Deal

Steam Autumn Sale – historic low prices for some games
Normally a gap-filler in advance of the big Winter Sale in our summer, this year’s Steam Autumn Sale actually has some good deals. Skip the 80% off MudRunner, though, as it’s free this week on the Epic Store. Here are some highlights of Steam’s Autumn Sale:

Metal Gear Solid 5 – Ground Zeroes – AU$2.89 (usually AU$28.95)
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) – AU$2.99 (usually AU$29.95)
Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom – AU$13.59 (usually AU$84.95)
The Evil Within 2 – AU$7.99 (usually AU$39.95)View Deal

Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals in Australia

Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (2020) | i7-10875H | RTX 2070 Super | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | AU$3,002 (usually AU$4,899)
This brilliant gaming laptop won an ‘Editor’s Pick’ distinction in our review, with its tough and elegant build, great specs and impressive battery life. In addition to the specs above, the 1080p screen boasts a whopping 300Hz refresh rate. Initially discounted by AU$1,500 it’s now an even better deal: AU$1,897 off one of the best laptops on the market. Via Amazon.View Deal

Gigabyte AORUS 15G | i7 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | GeForce RTX 2060 – AU$2,099 (usually AU$2,899)
A cool AU$800 off this 144Hz refresh rate-endowed gaming laptop, which comes with glittery RGB despite its elegant 25mm thickness. Games will look brilliant on this, so make sure you don’t waste it on Hearthstone. Via MWave.View Deal

Gigabyte Aero 15 | i7-10750H | RTX 2060 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD – AU$2,399 (usually AU$2,799)
That’s $400 off this gaming laptop, which boasts a 1080p 15.6 inch anti-glare LCD display. It comes with three USB-A ports—enough for your mouse, microphone, and gamepad—and two years’ worth of limited warranty Via MWave.
View Deal

HP Omen 15 | i7-9750H | RTX 2080 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD – AU$2,699 (usually AU$3,599)
For a gaming laptop wielding an RTX 2080, this is a great deal at AU$900 off the regular price. In addition to the specs above, this 15 inch 1080p lappie has a 144Hz refresh rate and a fancy RGB backlit keyboard. Via HP.View Deal

Alienware Area-51M | RTX 2080 Super | i7-10700 | 32GB RAM | 512GB SSD – AU$4,349 (usually AU$5,799)
This laptop is an absolute wallet eviscerator, as you’d expect given the specs. Maybe a AU$1,160 discount will tip you over the edge though, as this 17 inch beast also boasts a whooping 300Hz refresh rate at 1080p resolution. If you want to go even bigger, the model with an i9-10900K and frankly ridiculous 64GB RAM is currently AU$5,179, down from AU$7,399.View Deal

Alienware M15 R3 | RTX 2060 | i7-10750H | 16GB RAM | 512 SSD – AU$2,959 (usually AU$3,999)
This 15 inch, 1080p gaming laptop boasts a 144Hz refresh rate in addition to the above listed specs. These Alienware M15 gaming laptops have a pretty stylish look (if you’re into lunar blue) and are pretty light, as far as high spec lappies go. Via Dell. If you’d prefer the RTX 2070 Super model, that’s currently discounted too at AU$3,299 (usually AU$4,399).View Deal

Dell G7 17 | i7-10750H | RTX 2070 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | AU$2,099 (usually AU$2,999)
This was available cheaper just last week for Ebay subscribers, but for everyone else this is still a good price for these specs. The 17 inch 1080p screen boasts a 144Hz refresh rate, too. Via Dell.View Deal

Asus ROG Strix G15 (G512) |i7-10750H | GTX 1650 Ti | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | AU$1,709 (usually AU$1,999)
If you’re after a gaming laptop on the cheaper side of the spectrum, this ROG Strix is well worth a look. It has a 1080p IPS display with 144Hz refresh rate, in addition to the specs listed above. This should run most modern games at medium quality. Via Wireless1.View Deal

Cyber Monday gaming keyboard deals in Australia

Alienware 510K RGB Mechanical Keyboard | AU$258.30 (usually AU$369)
This mechanical keyboard sports Cherry RED MX switches for great feel, plus the usual array of RGB lighting for AU$110.70 cheaper than the usual price. If you want to go for something a tad more modest, you can get 57% off the the Alienware 310K keyboard (AU$117, was AU$269, save AU$152), which uses standard Cherry Red switches. Via Amazon.View Deal

Razer BlackWidow Chroma | AU$130 (usually AU$219.95)
A chunky AU$89 off this green switch mechanical keyboard, which boasts an advertised “80 million keystroke lifespan” and the usual embarrassment of Chroma fairy lights (16.8 million options, to be exact). Via Amazon.View Deal

Asus ROG Strix Flare | AU$179.25 (usually AU$239)
This sparkling yet elegant RGB mechanical keyboard scored well in PC Gamer’s 2019 review, with the “smooth keystrokes” a highlight. The Cherry MX switches come in two varieties: the blue switches are linked above, but brown switches are also available at the same discounted price.View Deal

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 | AU$199 (usually AU$289)
The HyperX Alloy Elite is our second favourite gaming keyboard, and this here is its wrist rest-less younger sibling. In addition to the millions of colours its backlit keyboard can emit, this platter has HyperX’s Red Linear mechanical switches and translucent ABS Pudding keycaps. Via MWave.View Deal

Cyber Monday gaming mouse deals in Australia

Razer Naga Trinity | AU$118 (usually AU$169.95)
If you need a gaming mouse with a crapload of buttons, the Naga Trinity is probably already on your radar. There are up to 19 programmable buttons and interchangeable side panels, so you can choose whether to go button mad or not, depending on what you’re playing. Via Amazon.View Deal

Cyber Monday gaming monitors deals in Australia

Samsung LC27RG50FQEXXY curved monitor | AU$389 (usually AU$449)
If you like your gaming screens slightly bent, this is a good offer: AU$50 off this 1080p curved monitor with a blistering 240Hz refresh rate, and a 4 millisecond response time. Also G-Sync compatible. Via Scorptec.View Deal

ASUS VG279QM gaming monitor | AU$499 (usually AU$599)
A hundred off this 27 inch IPS 1080p gaming monitor, which boasts a still-fairly-unbelievable 280Hz refresh rate, 1 millisecond response time, and GSync compatibility. Via Scorptec.View Deal

Alienware 25 | AU$447.36 (usually AU$699)
This elegant looking gaming monitor factors into our list of the best gaming monitors, and it’s easy to see why: with a refresh rate of 240Hz, you’re not going to miss anything. This IPS 1080p monitor also comes with G-Sync and FreeSync Premium. Via Dell.View Deal

LG Ultragear 27GL850-B | AU$647 (usually AU$799)
This monitor’s older sibling, the LG 27GN950-B, is our second favourite monitor. This descendant is pretty decent too, especially at this price: it’s a 27 inch 1440p monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1 millisecond response time. Via Amazon.View Deal

Alienware 27 | AU$539.40 (usually AU$899)
Save just under AU$360 on this 27 inch IPS gaming monitor, which has its 1080p resolution more than compensated for by a 240Hz refresh rate and 1 millisecond response time. Via Dell. View Deal

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals in Australia

EPOS Sennheiser GAME ZERO Headset | AU$129 (usually AU$299)
A not insignificant AU$170 off these highly regarded Sennheiser cans, which are the younger sibling to the EPOS Sennheiser GAME ONE headset: also on sale for AU$199, which is a hundred bucks cheaper than usual. Via MWave.

View Deal

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 602 Closed Back Acoustic Gaming Headset | AU$249 at MWave (usually AU$319)
High audio fidelity, plus Sennheiser’s reputation for comfort. and a lift-to-mute boom arm. But wait, there’s more: you can also save $70 (and 20%+) off the GSP 601(AU$249 and GSP 500 (AU$229) models. Via MWave.View Deal

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset | AU$99 (usually AU$149)
Just look at the chunk on these: you know those cups are going to be cushions for your ears. This lower end Sennheiser set may still strike some as too expensive at its usual RRP, but AU$99 is hard to argue with. Via MWave.View Deal

HyperX Cloud Revolver S | AU$179 (usually AU$269)
These comfy cans boast virtual 7.1 Surround Sound, with 50mm drivers boasting a 12Hz–28Hz frequency response. In other words, they pack a kick in the gut, and at AU$90 off the RRP may seal the deal for you. Via MWave.View Deal

HyperX Cloud Orbit Planar Magnetic USB Gaming Headset | AU$299 (usually AU$489)
A very substantial $190 off these unique cans will come as pleasant surprise to anyone coveting them. They use planar speaker technology, which is usually tech reserved for audiophiles and provides more audio compared to the usual speaker cones. It also boasts 3D audio positioning with head tracking, which sounds terrifying – but useful. Via MWave.

Razer Kraken X | AU$59 (usually AU$99)
This Kraken X does a good job for not a lot of money: it has great 7.1 virtual surround sound, it’s comfortable, and since it’s wired, it just works. The headset normally goes for around AU$85 in Australia, so this is a very decent price for a set of cans you can use for gaming and on the go. Via Microsoft.View Deal

Cyber Monday storage deals in Australia

Crucial P5 1TB | AU$189.52 (usually ~AU$215)
The current street price on this NVMe SSD ranges between AU$215 and AU$240, so this is a great deal for some fast storage action. Crucial reckons these are suited to “serious gamers and creative professionals,” so expect faster performance compared to the P1 series. Via Amazon.View Deal

Crucial P2 NVMe SSDs | starting from AU$63
These Crucial P2 internal SSDs released earlier this year and offer a decent budget version of modern NVMe drives. If you’ve been waiting for Black Friday for more storage, three P2 versions are available via Amazon, and usually go for betweeb AU$20—AU$40 more than the current discount.

250GBAU$63 | 500GBAU$79.20 | 1TBAU$156View Deal

Seagate BarraCuda 510 250GB NVMe M.2 SSD | AU$49 (usually AU$68)
$19 off this affordable NVMe M.2 SSD. The PCIe G3 SSD uses TLC memory and can hit 3,100 MB/s reading and 1.200 MB/s writing. If you’d prefer more space, the larger 500GB model is AU$99, rather than the usual AU$118.View Deal

Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD 1TB | AU$203.22 (usually ~AU$260)
A nice discount on this fast NVMe SSD, which boasts an advertised 3500MB/s sequential read. Samsung released these last year as a speedier (and more pricey) alternative to the regular Evo line, so if you’ve been looking for that marginal boost this is as cheap as we’ve seen it of late. This deal ships from the UK, via Amazon.View Deal

Cyber Monday hardware deals in Australia

Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L ATX Case | AU$56.50 (usually AU$83.61)
Save around AU$25 on this compact case, which is great for folks who want something a bit less blingy. 20% off the larger Cooler Master MasterBox MB320L (AU$87.29) is also available, but be quick as they are running low on stock. Via Amazon.View Deal

Gigabyte Radeon RX 5600 XT GAMING OC V2 6GB Video Card| AU$391.20 (usually AU$489)
Here’s a nice AU$98 off the RX 5600 XT, but that’s hardly even the best thing about it: after checkout you’ll get free game codes for Godfall and World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Godfall may not be brilliant, but it’s a nice way to test a new GPU. Via MWave.View Deal

Corsair RM850x | AU$199 (usually AU$259)
A nice AU$60 off this 850 watt power supply, which we consider the absolute best PSU on the market. It boasts a whisper quiet fan, and enough power to keep even a multi-GPU beast going strong. Via MWave. View Deal

Aerocool Bolt RGB ATX Mid-Tower Case | AU$45 (usually AU$79)
Less than AU$50 for a decent PC case is not to be ignored, and so it is with this Aerocool ATX mid-tower case, which comes adorned with RGB lighting shenanigans because, you know, of course it does. Via MWave.View Deal

Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master | AU$523.44 (usually ~AU$580)
Save nearly AU$60 off the usual street price on this Z490 motherboard, which ranks decently in our list of the best Intel Z490 motherboards, especially if you’re after quality audio and a near-overkill amount of USB ports. Via Amazon.View Deal

Cyber Monday gaming chair deals in Australia

Secretlab gaming chairs | From AU$539 (save up to AU$150)
The Secretlab Omega is our favourite gaming chair of 2020, and it’s among the products deeply discounted during Secretlab’s Black Friday sale. The standard Omega model is currently AU$539, down from the usual AU$634. And don’t despair: all orders come with free shipping. Via Secretlab.View Deal

Cyber Monday streaming gear deals in Australia

Razer Seiren Emote | AU$179 (usually AU$299)
Razer Seiren USB condenser mics are widely used and highly regarded, but if you’re after something with more… emotion, this model has an LED panel that can display emotes as selected by your viewers. Necessary? No. Cool? Some might think so. The current street price on this is around AU$219, so this is a pretty nice deal on a unique piece of kit. Via Microsoft.View Deal

Cyber Monday VR deals in Australia

Oculus Quest 2 256GB | AU$569 (usually AU$639)
Despite the whole mandatory Facebook log-in thing, the Oculus Quest 2 is easily the best entry point into VR, and more so now that you can get it for AU$70 off the regular price. Of course, if you’d prefer to pay even less the 64GB version is only AU$479, but for an extra AU$90 it’s probably worth investing in the larger model. Via Amazon.View Deal

Oculus Rift S VR headset | AU$549 (usually AU$649)
Given the continuing no-show of the Valve Index in Australia (seriously, Valve: hurry) this is about as good as VR headsets get locally. Now’s a good time to dive in, with AU$100 off the usual price. Via Amazon.View Deal

Oculus Games and Apps | AU$14.99 and up
VR games don’t come on sale often, but the Oculus Store is having a Black Friday sale right now. Some of the essentials are discounted, like Virtual Desktop for wireless Quest streaming from PC (AU$24.79, usually AU$30.99), the under-rated Fruit Ninja VR (AU$14.99, usually AU$22.99), Superhot VR (AU$27.29, usually AU$38.99) and Eleven Table Tennis ($AU24.79, usually AU$30.99).View Deal

Cyber Monday game controller deals in Australia

DualShock 4 controller | AU$48 (usually AU$89.95)

Steam may have just added DualSense support, but the DualShock 4 is still a fantastic controller, and you can’t go wrong if you need one for PC gaming. In other words: these trusty devices won’t die any time soon. Also available in red, white, green camo, and midnight blue .View Deal

Cyber Monday gaming router deals in Australia

ASUS ROG Rapture Tri-Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router (GT-AX11000) | $AU538 (usually AU$759)
eBay Plus members save another 3% (paying AU$521.86) and get free delivery. The ROG Rapture is a very powerful and feature-packed gaming router, with too many features to fit here. It has 802.11ax WiFi spec, 11,000Mbps overall throughput and 4 Gigabit LAN ports. Via eBay.View Deal


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