Star Wars Squadrons Is Going For A Crazy $29 Today

Star Wars Squadrons is way better than it has any right to be, especially given the kinds of Star Wars games EA has sought to publish over the last few years. It’s already well worth the price of entry for the campaign alone, but if you’d been holding off, today is the perfect chance to strap in.

Squadrons was never sold as a full-price AAA game, but it’s even more value for money today. Amazon are selling the PS4 and Xbox One versions — both of which are compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X via the disc, of course — for $29 a piece.

For just the campaign alone, which is the most Star Wars thing EA has released since Knights of the Old Republic — even more than Jedi Fallen Order for my money — that’s a cracking deal. And just to hammer the point home, here’s a snippet from Luke’s coverage on just how good Squadrons’ take on Star Wars really is:

star wars squadrons
Image: Star Wars Squadrons

This is exactly what EA should have been doing from day one. Squadrons is a small game with limited ambitions. It wasn’t full-priced, it won’t have DLC, its singleplayer mode is little more than an overblown tutorial and its multiplayer is limited as well. 

But by God is it Star Wars. With the possible exception of Battlefront II’s brief and surprisingly enjoyable singleplayer, Squadrons is maybe the best Star Wars experience since Dark Forces; not the best game set in the Star Wars universe, but one of the best, most authentic depictions of the universe in a game.

Luke’s exactly right. Squadrons is the kind of Star Wars game people hoped EA would make ever since they picked up the license. It’s a throwback to the classic X-Wing, TIE Fighter and Star Wars spin-off games from the late ’90s and early ’00s, and it only came out a couple of months ago.

It’s great fun, and today, also great value. Go pick it up now and have a blast.

Star Wars Squadrons on PS4

Star Wars Squadrons on Xbox One

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