Turn falling stock prices into a fun ski slope in Stock Jump

Sos Sosowski, designer of Mosh Pit Simulator, McPixel, and a piano that plays Doom, has a new browser game called Stock Jump. It takes real stock market data from the Finnhub Stock API, turns the graph of its plummeting value into a slope, then positions you at the top as a tiny red-and-yellow skier. You click and release to jump, huffing up the inclines before you reach the inevitable drop and leap to the bottom. The distance you travel off your last jump gives your final score in meters. 

I made it 157.34 meters off Electronic Arts, though Sosowski has a high score of 268.89 there. You can select stock via currency, including cryptocurrencies. Take a jump from Netflix or Apple, why not?

Play Stock Jump in your browser, and let us know your scores.


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